Rainbow Captured May 7th, 2016


Sometimes our lives seem to be in a place of straight chaos. The definition being utter confusion. It is “the unpredictable and apparently random behavior.” The definition goes on but I believe this certainly brings the point home. Some of the synonyms include unorganized, haphazard, irregular as well as all over the place.

My chaos seems to be in finding a stable living situation. I have literally lived all over the place here in Las Vegas. Over the span of my life, I have lived on the east coast, the west coast and in the midwest. All that said, I do believe that God will use the chaos of our lives for His purpose and glory. I do not like chaos, especially in my home. I am really good at administrative things because I like being organized. I certainly do not like looking for things in various places. Kind of why the last year has been so frustrating for me. My things have been all over the place. I own whatever part I played in this chaotic state but also understand that some of it was out of my control.

At any rate, the direction to get out of a chaotic state begins in your mind and thoughts. Getting from chaos to calm is a process. In the process, there are things we need to toss and things we need to retain. There are practices we have to change. I reflect on my life and I can see clearly when I was really chaotic. It was before I knew Jesus. Even after letting Jesus into my heart, I realized there were vestiges of chaotic practices that I retained. I saw them, accepted they were there and then tossed them by incorporating new practices. With all that I am, I may still be in a place of transition, but it is not chaotic. Even with the frustration of what my family has been dealing with, my mind is not in chaos. I know that God is in control of my life. I know that His plan and purpose are developing in me. I have peace that God has me and my family. I have learned to be content in this; that wherever I am God is with me.

I decided to add the image of the rainbow that I was so blessed to catch while working on Saturday. Saturday was a long work day for me. I now have two driving jobs. I actually love the work, the flexibility and having some control over my time. Back to the point of the rainbow. It reminded me of the covenant that God made with Noah. It reminded me that God is in control no matter what it looks like. It reminded me that God loves those who belong to Him and that He sees us. When I see the rainbow, I see God looking down and saying “I AM still here.

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2 thoughts on “Chaos”

  1. It’s lovely to hear how you are bringing some order into the chaos and wow -how lucky you are to have captured the great shot of the rainbow! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are most welcome. I was blessed to see others capturing the rainbows (there were actually two in the image) and looked up. God saw fit to bless me and so I bless others. Thanks for reading the post. I am actually seeing God bring order to the chaos. I, personally, am just being obedient.

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