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Hello everyone. Today I come from a place in my heart. It is that if you really want things to change, you have to change things. Coming from a weekend of training on empowerment, I am excited that no matter how bad things may look, circumstances do change. How you perceive your circumstances is critical. Should you believe you won’t overcome them, you won’t. Should you believe you will overcome them, you will.

Change requires action. Whether small steps, medium steps, or big steps doesn’t matter. Taking action is what does. Do you really want things to change? I ask again. Do you really want things to change for you? Then start to make changes. First change is mindset. How are you thinking about what needs to change? I can do all things through Christ. Evaluate. Look at all that’s going on around you. What can you do to start your change process? What’s in your control? What’s not?

Ask yourself the hard questions about your life. No one knows the details about your life but you and God. He will help you and He is faithful. Call to me and I will answer He says. He is the all-knowing and all-powerful God.

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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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