I would like to discuss commitment. In my reading last week, one author posed that true commitment composes four elements. There is the mental component, the physical component, the financial component and the spiritual component. I would like to just put a note by each of these components leaving a framework for you to use when you want to make a commitment to something.

The mental component is the thought. You are faced with a decision. In considering the decision, go through all four components before deciding. In the mental component, consider if you really want to make the commitment. Is this something you need and want? Are willing to stick it out until the end? Ask yourself the necessary questions.

The physical component entails the action steps. Due diligence in researching the organization, the program, or whatever format the decision entails. Schedule time for the various elements this program or process entails. Are you willing to put in the time whether you feel like it or not? Sometimes you may not feel like it. However, you are committed to doing this thing in spite of how you feel.


The third component is financial, the money or investment in this decision. Money is a true motivator for many. No one consciously wants to just throw money away. Your decision to invest solidifies commitment even more. In due diligence, what are you getting for your money? What are you looking for from the organization or program? Are you willing to find monetary resources if you don’t have it all at once?


Last, but certainly not least, is the spiritual component. This entails your vision for this commitment. What is your vision for what you want to do? Is this commitment the foundation for something bigger? What are you hoping to accomplish by committing to this decision? Is this decision in line with your vision?

Sometimes the vision may come first and details of the commitment come later. The vision sparks your thought process, then action, and then the financial component. This process was eye opening for me in that it helped me clarify what I wanted. I hope it helps you in your decision-making process for achieving the goals you set for yourself.

I believe before any of the above steps, you should pray. I don’t leave God out anymore. How about you?

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