Position, Peace and Power


One of my favorite testimonies from the Word of God, is the testimony of the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedneggo. Their claim to fame was walking through the blazing fire coming out unscathed. Why were they able to walk through the fire unscathed? When I prayed over these Scriptures, the Holy Spirit revealed to me there were 3 reasons: position, peace and power.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedneggo positioned themselves in God. They decided to believe God and did not waver. They were threatened with bodily harm. Did that deter their stance? No, it did not. They positioned themselves and provide a clear example of not being double-minded; not wavering under pressure. Be positioned in Christ.

They were at peace. When you know what you believe and why, you relish in the peace of Christ. You rest in that He has everything under control. He left the peace that passes all understanding for us. Be at peace in Christ.

The power of God moved in their circumstance. God is not only willing, He is also able to move in any situation or circumstance you have, including those of fire. Do you have the power of God moving in your life? Do you need it to? The power of God is available to us all. Not by demand. By positioning yourself, holding His peace and thereby, allowing the power of God to move.

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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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