Perplexed  bewildered, puzzled, entangled, complicated, involved
Yes, my friends, today I am perplexed. Lost my Amazon job. The reasoning is that since I do not return the packages that are undeliverable immediately back to the warehouse, it is cause for releasing me from their contract of service. Timing is great, right? Every time it seems I get close to getting things in order, I get a setback. Yes, I am perplexed??? Not sure what God is doing. I know that the timing of this release from service and the suit for the attack from the dogs is ironic.


At this point, I feel numb. I know that God has His plan in place. Right now the fog is heavy and thick. However, when we cannot see our way, we must trust. That is where I am right now, trusting Him to continue being Jehovah Jireh, my provider; Jehovah Nissi, my banner; and Jehova Rapha, my healer because my heart is heavy.

perplex-3I started my daily discipline of prayer yesterday. While at work at Pizza Hut Thursday, I fell while delivering to a customer. I fell on both knees, scratched them up a bit and they were a little sore. Didn’t hurt my hands or anything else. The irony is that I have been surrendering each day to the Lord on my knees. This morning I felt pain in my knees when I prepared to get on my knees. I got on my knees anyway, assisted with a pillow of course. I am perplexed??? God has me. He knows what I have to do for Him. I am perplexed??? though because I am not sure where this is going. As I prepare to lie down to rest, I saw the daily prompt and thought how perfect this word is for where I am right now but still giving Him all the praise that’s due Him.

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16 thoughts on “Perplexed???”

          1. I understand your being pressed for time. Maybe He is slowing you down. To get you to stand still long enough in one place that He can speak to you. Been there, done that. I made the mistake of searching instead of just listening, thereby opening the doors too deception and distraction. It had led to confusion. Isaiah 30 comes to mind.

  1. God knows the plans He has for us….l can totally relate and understand…l will be praying for us…
    Lost my job also…l am not in control!!!.

  2. I was let go from my previous position and am now working as a contractor (temp). Perhaps you weren’t meant to be at Amazon but somewhere else. You will be lead… listen with your heart. Many blessings.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through such a testing time.. I know you Trust that all will right itself in the end and you’re learning some hard lessons along the way which are making you stronger for what is required on your journey.. Take care and God Bless You .. xx

    1. Thank you. As I read this, the tears are almost at bay. I know God has something for me to get out of this. Don’t know what it is. Just asking for prayers for my financial situation and a home.

      1. Remember that behind every cloud, the sun is waiting to shine.. Sometimes it just feels that there are just clouds everywhere but the sun is ready for that little space to burn through. You will come out the other side and I’m sure you won’t be waiting much longer. I send you Angel Blessings!… and a big hug xxx

  4. I hope things have gotten better since you posted this, but I’ve been fired before and I know that may not be the case. Yet. My prayers are with you. I’ve been through some rough times and with God by my side, I’ve always gotten through them, but being in the middle of it is scary and confusing. God bless.

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