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Thoughts for Today, 090616, Tuesday


It has been about two weeks again since posting. There is so much going on around me that I am taking things in stride. Of course, keeping my commitment to write to encourage others and share my journey as well as my testimony about the goodness and mercy of God wasn’t well received by the enemy. From the dog attack to other areas of spiritual attacks, I am here to say that God is still good and that He is the same loving God today as He was yesterday. His word still holds true and we just have to hold on. Had a meltdown yesterday and the Lord was still there, carrying me through.

The pain from the dog attack is being managed much better but there is still pain. Between the two driving jobs, physical therapy and the pain management hand doctor, God is giving me His peace. There is deeper understanding present from going through all these different situations as well as the emotional toll. His peace is greater than any given situation or circumstance. I know that there is someone who needs to hear that although the enemy uses the physical realm to destroy our faith and confidence in the Father, we still have the victory because Jesus died and rose again. Fear has no place with me. Not saying it has not been evident as a tool used to control my mind, but the Lord has given strength in areas that were weak.

The body is still temporary and yet will be until Christ returns. My heart is being gently geared toward focus on the eternal. With all the demise of the world going on, the distraction is for people not to consider their eternal destination. We have to know that the choice for our eternal destination is made here on earth. Yes, I do understand that we have responsibilities of stewardship for where we are now. However, don’t get so caught up in the earthly realm that we forget this is not our permanent home. There used to be a saying that went like this. “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.” I believe this saying has been strategically flipped. “Don’t be so earthly minded that we forget our destination of heaven.” We need to keep spreading the Good News! Keep the focus where it should be.

I have been going through so much that I didn’t want to burden others with details and have realized that even this is a ploy from the enemy. I don’t need to air every detail of the challenges I am facing, but I do need to encourage others that we are in a spiritual battle. While many do not consider the seriousness of this, it is high time that we did. We miss so much when we forget this. It is not all about our personal needs. Sometimes that clouds our judgment. It has mine. If the enemy keeps us consumed with certain prayer requests while relevant but not timely, we may be missing the opportunity to pray a sister or brother through. More posts about this area will be coming.

I do have a book review to post for On the Edge by E. Parker Hudson which speaks specifically on this topic. Although fiction, it is well worth the read for deeper understanding of the works of the enemy and his ongoing plot to keep those on the fence and struggling from turning to God. I will be posting this book review tomorrow.

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