August 20th Thoughts

I would like to say hello. I have been temporarily out of pocket dealing with the things that have been coming my way. Spiritually, it has been challenging as I work on complete surrender to the Lord and His plans and purpose for my life. 
A couple weeks ago, ready to write what the Lord was showing me, I was once again distracted. Returning to focus, I was once again attacked by the enemy. I was attacked by two pit bulls. I had delivered a package to a customer. After leaving the package and ringing the doorbell, as I was returning to my car, a little girl opened the door and came out to get the package.

Why is a little girl (no more than four) answering the door? Just my thought. As a parent, my children were not allowed to answer the door for anyone. As she held the package, she went back, I thought into the house to close the door. She didn’t close the door but held it open slightly and wanted to talk. I was on my way back to my car. Uncomfortable that she had not yet closed the door, I turned to tell her to go inside and shut the door.

The faces of the two pit bulls had appeared in the open space. I looked at them and they looked at me and the next thing I knew, they were coming after me. The little girl was no match for their agility and quickness, much less power once they perceived me as their target. They were quick. I tried to get to my car but obviously was not fast enough. They both jumped on my upper body to attack. The loose fitting blouse I had on kept them from penetrating any skin on my upper body. Apparently though, I did get a teeth mark in my right hand. I went down trying to perfect myself.

The little girl, her name is Meadows, started screaming and I started screaming, “Get the dogs! Get the dogs!” No adult appeared immediately. I managed to get to my feet and they came after me once again. This time I went down losing my glasses, phone and keys. Suddenly, the adults appeared and the male adult called for the dogs. The grey pit was obedient. The brown one was not. I had managed to get to my feet and was backing further into the street.

The brown pit seemed intent on making mincemeat out of me. However, he finally responded to the male adult and returned to the house. The male yelled at the dogs, and both he and the woman went inside after them and slammed the door. No, they did not ask or see if I was okay nor call for help. I made it back to my SUV, got in and sat shaking badly for about five to ten minutes. I couldn’t move for what seemed like quite a while. What registered with me is that I had just got done speaking in tongues right before I arrived at this address. Number nine on my route.

I took necessary protocol and called Amazon, family members and Animal Control, who called medical services. I was injured more seriously than I thought and could not move both hands and wrists for three days. The pain can be excruciating at times (especially when I work now) but I move forward with pain medication.

I consider my prayer, height and clothing a significant blessing because a nine-year old got attacked on Thursday and didn’t make it. I was out of work for almost a week and it has been tough financially because things were already more than tight. However, I cannot imagine any amount of money will erase the mother’s pain of loss of her  little boy.

More to come…

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21 thoughts on “August 20th Thoughts”

  1. Why oh why have we not yet put every pit bull on this planet to sleep…. oh the owners think they’re harmless. Yeah right, so many attacked, even killed. I really feel for you, been bitten a few times as a kid, but not that badly

    1. I don’t believe every pit is like that. I do believe 80% is in how the owners triangle them. I have also heard that some of them are being abused and resort to attacking. I believe you should have to go to a class and pass it before you get a pit. I believe there should be follow up visits by animal control to make sure the home is up to participate for maintaining them as well.

      1. It is in their genes….something triggers them. They were bred as killing machines, remember. Most are nice but some are deadly. Knowing which is which. I live in Africa. We generally don’t keep lions in the house. There is little difference.

    1. Thank you, Laurie. It is to be an encouragement and encourage myself as well. A 9- year old was attacked on Thursday, but he didn’t make. This was a totally separate incident though. Still evil though.

      1. It is very upsetting. It is also sad to know creatures that were innocent at one time have been trained to attack innocent human beings. Evil is the right word. I am sorry to hear about the 9-year old. Too often we here of attacks like this on adults, down to infants. People need to be responsible for the animals they “own”.

          1. I completely agree. I’m redoing my blog and writing something right now about love and acceptance and responsibility to each other. It is the simple loving acts we commit (or do not) that make our world what it is – or – what it can be.

          2. I hope you are feeling better. If you’re back to work, it must be a bit more of a challenge for after this. Stay safe!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so very sorry you had to experience this but even the more grateful that your life was spared and you were not more seriously injured. I was attacked by a pit bull on a playground while my one year old son was coming down a sliding board a few years back. All I could do was protect him while this 90 lb dog jumped on my back. I was prepared to take what ever she was going to give me as long as my baby was not hurt. Luckily she was the friendly type and only wanted to play but I remember the fear like yesterday! I pray for your speedy recovery my friend. And also know that you will come out of this golden and our Lord will provide!

    1. Thank you, Chanel. I am healing but have little strength in my wrists. God still provides and I will be fine. Thanks for the prayers because they are felt and needed. I need to get back to my blogging. I couldn’t write for three days. I allowed distractions to steal my time. Back on focus though.

  3. My prayers are with you as you recover from this attach physically, emotionally, and financially. And also with the mother who lost her child. Her pain is unimaginable.

    1. Thank you and I agree. I was blessed that more severe damage was not done. I would not want to be in her shoes. The dogs were put to sleep but that will not bring her child back.

      1. No, that is likely no comfort for her to know. I’m thankful no further damage was done to you, either. God was with you. Certainly those owners were irresponsible on so many levels.

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