Today’s Thoughts, Sunday, June 5th

This picture of the sky was taken several days ago. Although the sky seems clear, there are formations in the background.

Today I realized that I wanted to make a post about vision. Over the last couple weeks, I have been reading about setting goals to achieve your dreams. There has been great information about setting big goals and small goals. There may be a goal set for a month from today but there is also the need to break down your goals a little further to establish daily goals that help you reach your destination in a month.

Well, the other night I was falling asleep after working and the TV happened to be on HGTV. I am not interested in flipping houses, it is for those real estate and construction connoisseurs who can see beyond just the building right in front of them. What got me interested in the show was a team that consisted of husband and wife working together toward a vision. A young married couple, Tarek and Christina, have their show, Flip or Flop, where they buy homes and flip them for a profit. Everyone has to make a living so choosing something you love and that you can also make a living at is a bonus.

Christina is the real estate expert and Tarek is the construction expert. They respect each other’s capabilities and allow one another to go forward in a project that may be focused on one person’s specialty. They may have their differences but their unity in this business is bigger than their differences. What I saw that really moved me was the vision of design and creativity generated to take a home that is in really bad shape and create something wonderful for someone other than themselves. She has the design vision and he has the construction vision. I ended up watching more episodes than I intended (trying to fall asleep when you get off work at 11 or 12 at night can be challenging.)

Vision_Quote for 060516 copyAnyway, the vision that they worked from with each home project was very interesting to see. While some may think, okay flipping houses is not that big a deal. Actually, it is a very big deal. Because there are so many different groups you have to work with in order to realize your vision that soon becomes someone else’s vision. Along with that, you need to have teams of people you can trust like the contractors, vendors and city officials that understand what you are trying to do. They must make sure you keep with the city and state zoning regulations. You must keep up with the safety aspect of building anything someone else will be living in. You must be able to create a project that another would see as part of their own vision for their family.

All this in my thought process, it boiled down to vision. I have dreams and goals, but I also have to have a vision for those dreams. What is the difference between goals and vision? Goals are the steps that help you realize the dream you have. Vision is the purpose you have for your dream. Technically, all these elements make the big picture. So, this Sunday’s thoughts were about the vision I have for writing. Your thoughts are welcome.

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  1. Excellent! Vision is the plan for the big journey, and goals are all the small steps we take to get there. I have to remind myself sometimes to keep the goals step-sized so that they are achievable. Thanks for putting this article together and reminding me of the need to do that!

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