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Phases 1What phase are you going through? I love this one-word prompt because life is about the phases that make us who we are. As I go through my phase of rebuilding and receiving the revelation from God about His plans, I am excited. I look forward to my mojo phase. You know, where everything goes right and flows in the moment. We have all had those phases. They come so we can be prepared for the curve balls, darts or any other object that comes flying at our heads. Laughing out loud because I can see the agreement from many of you out there.

A phase lasts a period of time. Now, we all know that sometimes we want the challenging phases to be brief. God knows better and knows specifically what we need. When the phase becomes increasingly uncomfortable, we begin to wonder. What are we doing wrong? Did karma come back on me? Should I have made a different choice a month ago? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. The bottom line is that no matter what phase you are going through, trust God. He knows how long we will and can last. Only He knows us so intimately that He numbers the hairs on our head. Have you ever thought about that? I lose hair daily (my current phase) so I can’t image counting to number the hairs. I would have to start over every day. Laughing out loud again. Today I feel excited about this phase. New dreams and new directions.

Phase 4Mojo phase. When you are feel like you are on top of the rainbow and nothing can go wrong. I recently posted about the challenges me and my adult children were facing and the question was “How long will this phase last?” Well, when the mojo phase comes, we don’t ask that question. We just go with the flow. We’re excited, can’t seem to make a wrong choice at all. Wow! I am so excited about the mojo phase. However, I won’t forget the distance traveled to get to this phase. I believe that is why God allows the challenges, so we won’t forget what He brought us through. In all honesty, the reason why I am writing these posts. Because I believe that God wants to encourage those who are going through. It is a phase. It won’t last forever. Just make sure we get the lesson we need to from the experience.

Phases 3As I enter this new phase of an empty nest, writing, photography and driving, I believe that God has some awesome things ahead for me to pass along. I would like to encourage those reading this to get excited about the mojo phase. Check out where you are and your understanding of what you need to get from the phase. Even if it is your mojo phase, what does God want you to get from it? Patti Labelle’s song phrases “when you’ve been blessed, pass it on.” The mojo phase is to pass on the blessings. I am excited! Amen and Amen! There is a joy bubbling up inside and I want to share. As believers, we should be excited. Rejoicing and celebrating in what the Lord is doing.


Phase 5I have to highlight ( this article by The Daddy Blitz writer because as I was writing this and looking for something I came across this article. It is right in line with how I’m feeling. We should be excited. That is truly one of the things that calls others to question what we call “Christianity.” We should be an excited people! Excited about what He has done, doing, and is going to do and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Rejoice and dance before the Lord like David. He loves us. So lastly, I’m excited and rejoicing! How about you?

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