The Soul

Customer Plant2 copyThe struggle between the flesh and the spirit is real. The challenge to believe or not to believe is real and strong. The need to be at peace and content in a world that seeks more and more is ever present. No place or amount is good enough because we are never really fulfilled. What does it take to enjoy the day and be happy that you have what you need? Do our wants really define who we are? Do they help us in the long run? The focus on everything going smooth for a long period has some in distress. How long must we struggle to attain the things we need as opposed to the things we want?

These questions raised by my adult children with the challenges we currently face were brought to light by them in some of the situations we have been facing. “This too shall pass” was not encouraging to them. The answer is that only God knows the time length of your struggle. We want now right now. Have we brought up a generation that doesn’t understand that life is about living through the challenges? That the challenges are there to help you understand who you are. The challenges give you a better understanding of your strength and tenacity. The knowledge of your soul has been bought with a price, Jesus Christ.

In reading some of the opinions of those who believe there is no God and debate over doctrinal things with dogma, it is necessary to understand that the relationship with God is about the soul. God created all things, including those who believe He doesn’t exist. I refuse to argue this point. That said, those two thought processes have been around for the last couple days. The place I arrive at is that God is who He is, and that His Son died so that I could have eternal life. That my soul is taken care of. Everything else is temporary including our bodies and our opinions.

In living this life with up days, down days and even those in between, note all is relative short of the fact that God has all the answers. We will never have all the answers. Personally, I don’t care too. Having the responsibility of every soul is a job that I would not want. I am just grateful that He has mine. Empathy for what my children feel is strong and real. My children said to me that if God has me challenged in this way because they believe I am child of God, what hope do they have. I wanted to pray when this conversation started but they were quite disturbed. I waited and talked to God in my heart. I just listened. I believe they needed to go ahead and feel what they were feeling. Another friend initiated the prayer as I was obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Considering the last six months and the various as well as hard challenges we have faced, I see that God is still faithful. One situation right after another has occurred. My hope is that when my children get my age they will be able to say the same thing, that God is faithful. My prayer is that my children will have grown in the wisdom and knowledge of God to keep standing. I would like to point out that in the times of emotional vulnerability, the enemy takes advantage. I would not have been able to see and listen had I not been there myself.

All that said, I count all things loss if it is Him I gain.

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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

17 thoughts on “The Soul”

  1. Great insights. I have had the same discussions with my grown son. Your next-to-last paragraph sums up my feelings perfectly. Very well thought out and communicated.

  2. I am struggling and the tears are flowing right now. Thank you for posting this! Even though I have no words nor the desire to write at the moment, God is giving me the desire and need to read and so… It is your words that are encouraging and comforting me. Thank You!

  3. The answer is that Only God knows the time length of our struggles. The challenge of Parenting letting how children see the faithfulness of God in our struggles, even when the picture of his faithfulness seems blurred to them. God is still God, no matter what we face. May the Lord continue to give you strength in this season, 2cor 9:8. This is my prayer for you, Sis. shalom

  4. “I just listened. I believe they needed to go ahead and feel what they were feeling.” …the sign of a good mother.

    From what you describe, I’m only a few months ahead of you.

    ” What does it take to enjoy the day and be happy that you have what you need? “. Lose everything…or what seems like everything.

    It amazes me how happy I am with what I have left.

      1. ( I just composed a lengthy response…and WordPress crashed. Either I was not to say what I said, or I must try to repeat it.)

        My first point was that your letting your children get out their thoughts and feelings, without interrupting them with you defense or counter point, is a show of unconditional love…the love of a good mother.

        My next comment was a cryptic indication that I have only recently been through what you are going through. It is very fresh and clear in my memory…and I am proof one does survive such times.

        My last point, I think, could easily be misunderstood,. so I will elaborate, and add this qualifier: I do NOT believe anyone (but I) must lose everything to get where God wants them to be. However, I lost my job, my professional reputation, 1/5 of my income, my savings, my credit, my home, my church, my friends, most of my artwork, most of my possessions, my credibility, my strength, my health, and nearly my life. Only then was I able to let go and allow God to direct my path.

        I don’t recommend it, but it is effective.

        While my previous comment (as well as this one) focuses on me and my experience, I am trying to show that I know the stress, anxiety, and possible fear and confusion you are going through. My heart goes out to you, dear, and, yes, I pray for you and your children. I believe you will get through this and life will be better for it.

        In the darkest part, for me, I was drawn into the Christian bookstore and to a display of Max Lucado’s book “You’ll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times.” I had never before read anything by Lucado but this title sang out to me. He doesn’t reveal anything you don’t already know but his point is a good one and he gives it with great understanding and compassion.

        Another book I picked up at the same time (but read later) is Timothy Keller’s “Walking With God through Pain and Suffering.” Keller writes about the subjects of death, pain, and suffering and how those subjects are addressed by the various religions and belief systems. He convincingly argues that Christianity offers the only truly satisfying explanation but he also offers great advice on how (and how NOT) to deal with people going through pain and suffering. His approach is not as if the reader is the one suffering (the way Lucado’s is) but I gained a great deal from Keller’s book.

        I recommend highly, Lucado’s book for now and Keller’s book for later.

        (Okay, this re-write of my reply is better than the one lost by WordPress’ crashing. Thank you, Jesus.)

        God bless you, dear. My thoughts are with you. (Now, Don’t crash!)

        1. Thank you so much for reading and replying. I am not confused but tired. I know the Lord carries me (Footprints in the Sand). I have had a really long financial struggle and the kids have been through a great portion of that struggle. I do know He is my provider and He has t h

  5. So true and we are never alone in the struggle to keep the faith when all hell breaks loose in our lives! A good tool also to use is to just remember how he made a way during the last storm. It never feels good but all for his glory none-the-less. Stay encouraged my sister.😇

  6. That”s so very true. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Thank you so much for reading the post and your encouragement.

  7. I am with you. When I was younger, I used to go to the scriptures where the cry to God was “answer me speedily”. I wanted God to rescue me, make things right now. But most times, he did not. He had me walk through to see times looking to him. So, even now as I go through my trials, I find myself looking up to him, from whence cometh all my help. I know he’s there. He sees all because he is Sovereign and everything has a purpose, namely conforming me into the image of his Son.

    That is not easy to see without God opened eyes. So, like you I pray for my babies that God would be pleased to open their eyes, bring them out of the darkness into his marvelous light.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you so much for your response. Things have been very busy for me lately. Just catching up. I know that God is my source for everything. My prayer is that one day my children will know that He is theirs in their heart of hearts as well.

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