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Serena ran to every door. Everyone was locked! Why? What was going on? She didn’t know or understand why she couldn’t get out? Someone was playing a trick on her. Locked in. No way to get out. No keys to open the doors, locked from the inside out. “What’s gonna happen to me?” The thought was fearful. Dwelling on it would only make the fear worse and cause a panic. A deep breath seemed to slow the heartbeat. But the thoughts kept coming. “Suppose no one comes and I am left here in this locked space to die. Never knowing how or why I got locked in. What is going on?”

Serena had to stop and take more deep breaths, to slow the heartbeat again. She had to minimize the negative and fearful thoughts that were bombarding her brain. She was unsure about how this situation came to be but she was determined not to let it get the best of her. Deep breath.

“God, I know you are with me. What is going on? Help me to get out of this place. It is claustrophobic and I feel like the walls are closing in without a door to open to escape. Lord, You said You would never leave me nor forsake me, so I know You are here. What is going on? Can You please shed some light? Please, Lord, please.” She heard the whisper of “I am here with you.” Like a friend in the room just a little ways away.

Locked In1Serena looked around. She realized that she had been frantic and had not sat down for quite a while. She decided to sit in the armchair and deep breathe again. She realized, “This is not even my own home? How could I get locked inside someone else’s home? Why would I let them do this to me?” Deep breathing helped to calm the nerves as she realized panic would do nothing for her. “Okay, Lord, I am here, trying to get calm. I just need to know what’s going on? Why am I here, Lord?” She heard the whisper of “I am here with you.” Again, she slowed her thoughts to recognize the whisper.

She began to look around some more to see where she was. Her thoughts about the day before and how she got here in this place were still blurred. Not sure on what vehicle or route brought her here. And, why was she by herself? Wasn’t she with friends, or was that last week? The jumbled thoughts were un-nerving. She realized that she had increased her heart rate and the anxiety was returning. Okay, deep breathing…the whisper, “I am here with you.”


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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

9 thoughts on “Locked…In”

  1. Intriguing beginning. I’m wondering why the repeated focus on the heart rate and controlling the breathing, as if that were a significant issue or symbolism. And why would she not know how she got there? How is it she doesn’t remember?
    Is there more?

    1. Great questions. The breathing just helps when you are in a panic. No specific symbolism. It also helps when you are in a situation of anxiety to slow your breathing and heart rate to think. Although this is a story, it does represent how we sometimes get into situations in our lives and feel locked in. I want to see if someone will notice a specific key in the story, that she is locked in from the inside. Sometimes we lock ourselves in without really recognizing the steps that brought us to the place. The story is really a metaphor. Sometimes when I write, I take an experience that I have had and turn it into a story. I have some short stories coming eventually that will be on this line. The thought provocation is for us to examine ourselves. Who knows, I was thinking of making it a dream Serena had. Just wanted some feedback on the story itself. Awesome questions though. I will continue the story of Serena. Thanks, Kitsy.

  2. Well, I guess it is no coincidence that I did not pick up on being locked in from the inside. Hello? Is this a story of me, or what !

    1. Lol…you are such a delight! I truly write from experience and understand that. I am so writing my story in short clips. I actually felt the walls closing in today and had to recoup myself. I am still standing and trusting Him. The writing comes sometimes in this way to release myself and keep seeing Him in the midst of all that I am going through. I note that I wrote a review for the book “Faithing It” and one thing that truly resonates with me is trusting the process. Whether we like or it not, it is uncomfortable, painful, taxing or not, we have to respect the process. Or else, what would I have to write about?

  3. What a great piece and quite thought provoking. From your clarification and response above, sometimes, we get locked in when we are crowded with challenges. We feel like we have come to a dead end with no rescue in view. We feel trapped by our mistakes and the bad decisions we took. We are overwhelmed and want out but nope, not easy to wriggle out of the problems of life. Then, we turn to HIM, the ever faithful God. And we feel a measure of relief and tranquil. We feel his peace within us as we inhale his refreshing words of hope. A hope that rejuvenates a weary soul. 🙂

  4. I’m not much on metaphor and symbolism, but this post could be viewed at the believer’s “unnatural” state, that is, being on earth and away from the Lord in Heaven (Philippians 1:21-23). The main character here is in anguish, perceiving she is far from the Father … locked out from Him … and will never find Him. He assures her this is not the case.

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