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Free Flow Friday…What Does My Billboard Say?


Free Flow Fridays…What’s your sign?

My billboard would say that I am always working on improvement. My personality gives me the freedom to accept that change is necessary in some areas. That freedom doesn’t mean it has been easy. After fellowship with my Father in Heaven, I then move forward. There have been times when the changes were necessary and other times when the change was not needed. I have discovered that in trying to make sure everyone understands me created difficult moments for me when they didn’t understand. I have also learned that there have been many moments when I didn’t understand myself.

I am a person who desires to understand what’s going on in my world and want to make things better for those around me. I have come to understand that some things I cannot make better for others because those things are not about me. I have come to understand that the serenity prayer is truly a great prayer for living this life. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. And, while this is not the entire prayer, it is the substance.

I have memorized this portion as I am sure that many have because it gets right down to the nitty gritty of life. As we grow older, it would behoove us to get this down in our core. There have been times when the lesson is simply this, there are things I cannot change. One of my core desires is that my children will come to know this in their lives. Define what they cannot change, people certainly being one of them. You can only change yourself and cannot even do that without the Lord’s help.

My billboard would say that I finally accept myself, imperfections, strengths, weaknesses, and all else. These things modify as we get older. It is what it is and what I can change, I will with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ. This prompt is coming within fifteen minutes of typing what comes to my mind. This post is me. Sometimes I think about things that I would do over. I still come to nothing. There is no guarantee that although things would have been done differently, they would necessarily be better. Also, the lessons we learn may still need to come even if we did things differently.

In the grand scheme of things, different doesn’t always mean better. Where we are is not necessarily our destination. It is not in the destination but in the climb as Miley Cyrus says in the song. My climb has been hard and enriching. It has been cloudy and clear. It has been frustrating and freeing. It has been full of tears and full of joy and the in-between. It has been what it is. Life is about living and learning to live freely is all about the faith that we have. My faith is in Jesus and as I continue on the journey, I am glad that He is with me. Equally important, I am with Him.

My billboard says “Jesus loves me, this I know. Because my Bible tells me so.” It also says He loves you, too!

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