Suitcase3What’s in yours? Obviously, the suitcase is an object used for traveling or moving. What would you pack if you only had one suitcase and knew you were leaving things behind? What would you take with you? Or, could be considered baggage. Kind of what we drag around with us in this life, holding on to stuff we need to let go. Addressing both aspects in this posts, I can say I relate to both.

I have had situations in my life where I had to leave a place quickly. Now, some of my family and friends would consider my purse a suitcase, laughing out loud. And, considering what day it is, I might tend to agree. Back to the point, I had to leave a place quick, fast and in a hurry. When I considered what I had to take with me, it was my purse, my Bible and my shoes. I couldn’t leave without these three items.

Suitcase1Packing my suitcase, there are things that I would assume I couldn’t do without. First of all, my phone and the charger would be in my purse (mini-suitcase). My Bible would be in the suitcase. I have the NLT Life Application Study Bible. I have several versions but this is the one I use the most. And, it is heavy literally and figuratively speaking. I couldn’t go anywhere without my Bible. With all the transitioning I have done, this is the key element for my strength and courage. I have plenty of things in storage right now and am mildly surprised at what I have been able to do without. However, my Bible is not one of them. At this point, my prayer journal would be in the suitcase. Just bought a new one and looking forward to another aspect of my journey with the Lord.

Suitcase4Baggage, a totally different aspect in the non-physical form. You probably know that the airlines charge more for extra baggage these days. Used to be you could fly with three or four suitcases. Today, it’s a pretty penny more to have more than one suitcase and you only get one carry-on other than your purse or computer bag. The airlines realized the additional cost of fuel for heavier loads. Can we see the irony here? We carry the extra load of things God has brought us through. Disappointments and other such things are only for a temporary season, kind of like that rain mentioned earlier this week.

Today, I consider a suitcase a travel bag for just the necessities for the trip. I tend to travel lighter these days. What’s in your suitcase?

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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. In my suitcase are just a few items I carry everywhere. They are items like: hope, dreams, work-ethic, trust in God, and a willingness to serve…..

  2. Very inspirational, amen to that. Those are some really deep and pressing issues, but I imagine one day we may have to make that call, be ready. You seem to write well and you seem like and honest women, I’m trying to get my blog on the map and I would really appreciate your comments or opinions on my pieces. My blog is gastradamus, please give me honesty and perhaps I can learn to write as flawless as you, have a great day and god bless

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