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Sunshine & Rain…Thank You, Lord for Both


The past few days have been cloudy, rainy and a little cold. Springtime in Vegas for a minute. I took the images included here and as you can see, sometimes the clouds seem looming and dark. Kind of like this life and the journey we are on. We need them both. Appreciation for the sunshine is taken for granted until the rainy and gloomy days hit. There seems to be a true, heartfelt appreciation when the sun shines again.

However, being truthful about these days of ours, sometimes the rain is so needed. It causes us to slow down. To pause and appreciate the care that needs to be taken. Gives a totally different mindset. Since the distance to work is much longer, it is very necessary to proceed with caution. Even the mindset regarding the things I need to remain mindful of about my car come to the forefront. You know, this brings to mind the book review on Faithing It done last month about respecting the process of the journey. The rainy days are a necessity for the process.

Then, oh my goodness, when the sunshine comes! You feel the warmth, and enjoy the brightness. You seem to tell the sun, “I miss you.” The difference is amazing. But the growth from the rainy days includes appreciation, thankfulness, joy and excitement when the sun shines. The blue of the sky is even more appreciated when the sun shines. (No one can beat God with the true colors of nature!)

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