Looking Out of Your Window

Girl in the WindowWhat do you see when you look out of your window? Gathering insight from the various bloggers on their view of their world, I thought this question would be thought-provoking regarding the world we live in and the current state of affairs. Do you see a world of hope or disaster? Do you see the hand of God moving regardless of what it looks like? Do you see the world as your permanent place or just a temporary place of residence? Do you see your part or role as significant in the world today? Do you see yourself helping others in this journey we are on? Do you see yourself as a vessel of God to be used for His glory? What do you see?

I posted the image above in a previous post about the girl in the window. However, I was playing around this morning and the thought came to me to use this image to ask the questions. As I read the Word daily with a new perspective, read the blogging community as well as reading other books, ever learning, I want to make sure that what I see is from God’s perspective.

Heart_God SeesI see myself embracing others in this journey. Trusting the change in me that God is bringing by renewing my mind with His Word. I see God changing my perspective of trust in that as I embrace others, the trust is not placed in them, but in God. God also gives understanding. Proverbs says that “with all your getting, get understanding.” When we begin to love ourselves and see ourselves from God’s perspective, we can see others. We can see that there is an inherent desire to be loved in us all. When we show God’s love to others, the manifestation of that love brings others to Christ. This understanding changes the self-centered perspective and gives us the wherewithal to reach out to others. God sees the heart of the matter. Your trust in Him not only reveals your heart, but the heart of others.


Another aspect of the changed perspective is that when complete trust is placed in God, there is no desire to manipulate and control others, seeking what you can get from them. God is Jehovah-Jireh, our provider. Changing the perspective of what is seen when looking out of your window will change your life. What I see when I look out of my window, I see God.


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