Precious, Precious…Lord Jesus

Precious_True LoveWhat is precious to you? Precious means valuable, of great worth, beloved, much prized. There are so many things people consider precious today. What is the intrinsic value of what you consider precious? This word prompt comes at a moment in time when dealing with family issues, transitioning, changing perspective, accepting new challenges and changing directions for the future.

Precious_HeartWhat stands out as precious to me is my relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. This is my most prized possession. It is my only constant, although ever changing me. I look at my transition and take it in stride. While driving the other day, I checked my heart on the things that I have in storage. What would happen if I lose them? Would I be okay? Of course, I would  be because I am okay right now without them. Do I want to lose them? No, I don’t. But I would rather lose them than my relationship with Jesus.

Precious_ExperiencesThere are things of sentimental value that I would like to hold onto while I am here on earth. However, the real thing I consider most precious that I don’t want to lose is my relationship with Jesus. It is the only thing of eternal value and more precious than silver, gold or all of the other things I hold dear. While there are certainly other relationships of substantive value like family (loved ones, even the difficult members), friends (even the challenging friends that bring something different to the table) and yes, even strangers. Today’s culture is about customer service. So, meeting many strangers on a daily basis can be challenging, joyous, encouraging and as well as a host of other valuable experiences. I have come to consider my fellow blogging community precious. It is important to me to connect and the value of understanding and acceptance from others is significant. However, more valuable than that acceptance is that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Much prized is my writing. I do believe it is a gift from God and thank Him for it. However, more prized is that I write from the heart for Him. I do value being able to share my journey and the Lord’s blessings and challenges on this road. Helping others get through and knowing that someone out there understands and hears their heart, valuable to me. More valuable is that I honor Him in my writing.

Precious_TimeThere are moments I consider precious like today. Spending time on the phone with my niece and sharing her experience as a young wife, mother and career woman. Spending the time to listen to her heart and reconnect since time has passed from her being a little girl. The moment of laughter, tears, encouragement and understanding on both sides is very precious to me. Learning about her as an adult, very precious. I do believe that even as precious as this is to me, my connection with the Lord Jesus was a more important one. The moment of understanding His love for me and accepting the gift of salvation has become a significant moment in my history that I will never forget. It is imprinted in my heart. Even more precious are the changes in me that He has brought about. There are moments in my walk with the Lord that I didn’t like at all, but the value of those moments albeit painful at times is very valued and of great worth.



There is quite a bit more that I consider precious in my life; my children, my family, my grandchildren. But even more precious than that is their salvation. One moment at a time, one day at a time…valuing what’s precious to me. How about you? What’s really, really precious to you?



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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

8 thoughts on “Precious, Precious…Lord Jesus”

  1. You are precious to me. I so enjoy reading what God has placed in your heart. You provide a spiritual drink for my soul to hold me over to the weekend when I attend service. Thank you so much for your writing and loving heart. You are a precious daughter of God, I know he treasures you. Many blessings my friend! Love and hugs.

    1. I appreciate that very much. You know, this journey has been so interesting and especially enjoyable because of the writers I have met. As I continue to write, but more importantly respond to others, I see that giving is so important. Jesus proved that by giving His life. I really do enjoy reading the other bloggers and encourage you to keep writing. Sometimes just one response of encouragement is all that we need to keep going and stay strong. You never know when a post will resonate with what you are going through and hold you up. I may not be in a traditional position in church, but I love using this forum to encourage others. Today is the only day off so I will spend it reading and responding to my dear friends! You have an awesome week!

  2. I so appreciate your words in how you recognize the value of people and even things, objects, in your life, yet you have the proper perspective on their importance. Obviously Jesus values all the people in our lives, and I believe in a sense He values those items that have meaning to us (assuming that meaning is appropriate!) knowing they bring to mind that which is important here on earth. There are things here on earth we should treasure as the precious, yet temporal, things they are, and we grieve their loss, even the loss of a small memento from a dear friend. Yet always Jesus is above all of that. It never means we place the rest lower in our esteem, simply that Jesus is, by His very nature, more than anything we have on this earth.

    1. Hi, Belinda. Thank you for reading my posts and responses. I sincerely appreciate your time in doing that. You are so correct. We must not forget that Jesus showed His heart to those close to Him. When Lazarus died, his sister was hurting. Jesus saw that. From the text, we tend to focus on Him raising Lazarus from the dead, but when you re-read it seeing his sister’s emotion, you see that Jesus does care. You are certainly correct though, Jesus is the priority. Not sure why I had to approve your comment because I am following you. But no problem. Love hearing from you!

      1. I think WordPress always gives us the option of approving any comments, in case even one of our followers says something we’re not comfortable with. I love your example of Lazarus. Jesus always cares for us. He never says, “oh come on, just how important can that be to you if you have eternal life with Me?” My heart is filled with joy and gladness at knowing that kind of love.

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  4. “Jesus is my only constant.”…what an impactful statement as a believer in the Gospel. Nearly gave me chills as I considered that line applicable to my own life. It’s so incredibly true. Nothing else makes sense and nothing else really matters. Awesome post and what I needed to be reminded of today.☺️

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