Grateful for His mercy, His unlimited grace.

Grateful that He sees me and I can see His face.

In all that He has done and continues to do

Simply because He says, “I love you.”


Gratitude_1Jesus died and rose again for the salvation of us all.

Giving eternity yet, in spite of the fall.

Knowing humanity could not stand in the law,

He sacrificed Himself and I am in awe.

There is nothing that can compare to this love;

Unconditional, redeeming, given from above.

This life is meaningless without His grace,

And living is incomprehensible without His face.



Gratitude is intimacy, in tune with God above;

Seeing and appreciating His awesome love.

Resurrection Sunday, His amazing sacrifice;

Given so that we may have eternal life.



Jesus made a choice His life to give

So that we could have a choice His life to live.

He came that we might have life more abundantly,

Not just for now but for all eternity.

“Thank you, Lord, for all you have done.”

My Creator, my God, You are the One.

You are the God I worship and the God I praise.

Not only for now but for the rest of my days.

And should You not answer any other prayer I say,

You have met my needs in the ultimate way.

You have given me life, hope, love abundantly;

Not only for now, but for all eternity.

All be blessed!

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I am a reader, writer, life coach, mother, Christian and lover of poetry. I enjoy romantic comedies, action, mysteries and faith films. I love the Motown Sound era and jazz. My favorite instrument is the saxophone. I love books, reading, learning and growth.

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