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  • bible.com/bible/116/1jn.4.18.NLT No fear. As a believer, we have access to an all powerful, all knowing, present everywhere God. We were given peace and the Holy Spirit to navigate this life. What do we really have to fear, giving away the power that is a gift to us? Are you living in the power of God’s […]

  • Patient

    Continuing to expound on the Peace, Patience, and Presence post earlier this week, this post will expound on patience. The definition for patience is “calm endurance of hardship, provocation, pain, delay, etc.”. This definition was found in the Reader’s Digest Oxford Complete Wordfinder. However, the definition I retrieved from the NLT Dictionary states that patience […]

  • Another Precious Ponder

    Sandra here with another precious ponder. I pray it resonates with you…

  • Peace, Patience, and Presence

    God’s peace, the peace left by Jesus is amazing. It does lead to patience. When you are at peace with God, it does give you patience. Patience leads to being present in your life. This position says you are grateful for the things in your life. You appreciate what you have and enjoy the ones […]

  • bible.com/bible/1588/mat.22.37-39.AMP

  • He Loves Me

    Romans 8:28 – “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” As I sit and ponder this, I realize that there are many times the choices I make are not the best. However, the Scripture above […]

  • Today’s Thoughts…Jehovah-Jireh

    Spent most of the afternoon enjoying the writings of my blogging community. I so enjoy reminders of faith, hope and love. As well, the various tips and information that help and encourage along this spiritual and writing journey. I have included some of the posts here for you to have your own reading pleasure. Regurgitated […]

  • Today, In the Present

    Short and sweet today. Have a blessed day and rest in Him…

  • Grateful

    Grateful for His mercy, His unlimited grace. Grateful that He sees me and I can see His face. In all that He has done and continues to do Simply because He says, “I love you.”

  • True Love

      The poet in me rises this morning in quiet time, devotion and prayer. So, this morning I want to share that God is true love.