Christ_The Critical Connection

Connection…The connection with Christ defines all the other connections.


The dictionary defines connection as the point at which two things are connected. Of course, I had to find synonyms that delve deeper into connection. They include relationship, linking, association, as well as joint. I would like to speak about our connection to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our connection, of course, is through accepting the greatest gift anyone could give us and that is salvation. My question is do you have a connection with Christ?

Connection_Christ 2I do. I have to have this connection because living this life without Him is not being connected at all. The world would have us believe that connection to it is the priority. The world would have us believe that the connection to the Word of God for wisdom, direction and living is outdated. That is not true. Our association with Christ is so necessary to understanding who we are, where we are going and where we come from.


Think about the connection or relationship to our family members. Those connections may or may not be in a great place. However, even so, those connections are part of what defines where we come from but not necessarily define exactly where we are headed. Relationships with friends are part of the connection as well. From early childhood through our formative years, there are connections that have played a strategic part in our development. The greatest part of these connections is that you can take what is best for you from them and move on. True connections are permanent and last a lifetime, despite time and distance.

Connection_Soul MateMarriage is about the ultimate connection between two people who have connected mind, body and spirit. They do not have to have everything exactly the same but the connection is that the core of who they are connects with the core or soul of the other person. Side note-why you really should take the time to get to know who you marry. Time tends to reveal quite a bit of truth.

Connection_VulnerabilityI believe that we have this inherent desire to be connected to others. That comes from God because He desires that He be our first true connection and first priority. We connect to others by being vulnerable, letting our guard down to experience life in its fullness. Every connection has pros and cons. To experience the fullness of what it means to be connected is to open your heart. While connecting to others does sometimes bring pain and hurt, how would we know joy otherwise? When we have the real connection to Christ, it expands to those around us and allows us to connect to others to experience fullness and joy in this life.


Christ_More Abundant LifeChrist came to give us the real connection.

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  1. I like your take on the prompt. Detailed and very expressive. I agree that true connections are permanent and last a life-time. Having a deep connection with God is very important to me in my christian walk. Blessings!

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