The Dressing in the Window

IMG_0233She was quite still. At first glance, she looked quite pensive, thoughtful. Closer examination of the woman in the window revealed she wasn’t even real. The mannequin is dressed in a yellow top and what looks like a grey skirt or pants? Who’s to say since you can’t see the complete bottom half of her. She has red or reddish brown hair with red lipstick on. Her hair and what may be a jacket are the same color as the curtain to the left. Actually my left since I am facing the window. The mannequin is quite white so the contrast of the darker colors is very obvious. Waiting on the new camera because I would love to have had this as a depth of field shot with the background blurred and the mannequin close up. She has been in the window for more than a week. The second floor isn’t easily accessible so the thought of protection is a little lost on me and even so, if I want protection, I would have put a blow up doll of a pit bull. I’m just saying.

After mentioning this to my roommate, she showed her reaction, anger. She was upset because this mannequin was in the window directly across from her living room view, and when we talked about the mannequin her reaction was to call the homeowner’s association. My daughter was leaving the apartment one day and looked up, saw the mannequin and thought “Oh no! How creepy is that?” I totally agree with the creepy part.

The kids were playing and laughing together a couple days ago after school. All of sudden there was screaming as one noticed the figure in the window. The figure didn’t move but just seemed to stare at them. After discussing the sight with great animation, they concluded it wasn’t real, especially since it didn’t move while they were screaming.

After thinking about this dressing in the window, my thoughts became a little more logical. The dresser could be someone working as a dresser for a retail store. Or, the dresser could be taking a fashion design course in school. Or actually, someone could have some serious issues since Halloween is so over. Not sure the last thought is logical but since I don’t know the dresser, you never know what’s really going on. They just might need deliverance.

What’s funny about the “dressing in the window” are the various reactions this dressing caused. The children screamed (even though the mannequin is not ugly), my roommate was totally upset and my daughter and I had thoughts about the ultimate creepiness of it. We never know, do we, what the reactions of others will be to the things we do. Makes me think about how we represent Christ. However, I thought it was quite interesting to write this post about this window dressing. Taking note of the things around us provides interesting topics to write about or pray about.

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