Never Again…This Food

Never Again

Me somewhere in that timeframe…

I was tickled with this prompt. This prompt reminds me of an experience in California with sushi. Okay, everyone has a list of things they love and while I try not to be a prude about others choices, sometimes you just know, you know. Well, the secretaries at the company I worked for got together and we needed to make a decision for lunch for Secretary’s Day. We had a decent debate on what would be a location that all would be pleased with. Well, the bottom line ended up being sushi at one of the frequented restaurants close by. I was not up for it because, well, raw fish. No, not me. However, being the only one who really didn’t like sushi, the “you need to try it before you say no” process started.

Okay, I knew that I probably wouldn’t get out of it. So, I eventually relinquished and agreed to at least try. I did make a point to find out that if I didn’t like it, did the restaurant have any cooked seafood dishes I could try. You know, just in case. They assured me that I would love the “California Roll,” but yes, there were other dishes available. We were all excited about the upcoming lunch. I kept thinking about a new experience. It couldn’t be all bad because I love seafood, however at the moment just cooked.

The group gathered around the table and the waiters came. We took a few moments to order and my lead ordered the California roll for me. Okay, we got drinks and waited for our orders. When the orders were placed before us, everyone began to dive in except me. I took the time to discover what was really the rave about the California roll for us novices with sushi. It looked interesting to say the least. There was a light green substance as well as a pink almost purple substance wrapped in this roll that resembled a wet tortilla (at least to me). Prolonging complete now because of course, everyone was waiting for the expression of love for this new seafood delight. Not!

I think I gave these ladies the best laugh they had had in a long time. My facial expression could not be held back. “Oh, my God! What is this?” The contortion of my face said it all. I do not like sushi. While I certainly respect the fact that we all have certain taste buds and like what we like, “me no like sushi. “ It has been about thirty-plus years and no, I have never had this experience again. But my daughter likes it. Lol…

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