Sudden Shifts

Some days have clouds...
Never can tell what the weather will bring…

Sudden Shifts

With a little twist to the daily prompt, this is an actual experience about the sudden hailstorm, the sudden shift in weather. Thought the story would make it fun.

The trip to the dentist had been prolonged as long as it possibly could be and the pain had become excruciating. Mom finally consented that the only thing left to do was to visit the dentist. Sienna had not wanted to go to dentist ever again because she had been so often already as a young person. At thirteen, she already had had several teeth removed and some crowned.

When they started the trip, the weather seemed to be fine even though the weather report suggested hail. Of course, you couldn’t trust the weather reporters. They couldn’t predict for sure what the weather was going to be. After seeing their track record being laughed at many times by the forces of nature. “Ha, ha! Not going to let you be right today,” says Mother Nature.

“Mom, what can I eat when I get home? You know I’m hungry and I couldn’t eat too much before we left home.”

“Well, you know the dentist says to be careful. Since we had to get the tooth removed and not crowned, the gums are still very sensitive. I know you don’t want to go right back. We can do soup when we get to the house.”

The walk from the bus stop was about twenty minutes. After about five minutes, the sky seemed to darken quickly. “Really, not today. I am so not in the mood,” thought Sienna. “Don’t tell me the weather reporters had been right.”

Next thing she knew, Sienna and Mom were being hit by the hail. They were still about ten minutes from home. They looked for shelter because the hail pellets did hurt somewhat. They were not the small ones but medium-sized pellets. As they looked for a place of shelter to wait it out a little, the pellets started coming harder and fuller.

They found shelter under a neighbor’s porch. When they ran under the porch, the neighbor opened the door. “We just wanted a little shelter to wait it out a little,” said Mom. The neighbor was, of course, understanding. “Stay as long as you need to. Hail is no joke.” “Thank you,” said Mom. They stayed under the porch about fifteen minutes.

All of a sudden, the sun shone brightly and the weather looked like nothing had happened, other than the evidence of the melting hail pellets. Sienna and Mom talked about a few different things in that fifteen minutes. Of course, one topic was the weather. Making it home finally, Sienna thought about the shifts. What a really weird part of the day. In conclusion though, the hail had been a lot more fun and less painful than the dentist.

Weather is one of the unpredictable sudden shifts that we really have no control over. Other than finding safe shelter during one of Mother Nature’s onslaughts, it is very unpredictable. And, even though we can predict weather to a certain degree, we cannot always assess the damage it could cause. St. Louis, Missouri is known for these tricky hailstorms. While this one was a brief and not damaging experience, there have been instances where the damage was real and extensive.

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