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When I saw this prompt today, I thought what a great idea. I read another blogger’s (simpledimple) response to this prompt. I read some other blogs that I follow. Continued reading and let in the cable guy for a few moments. Then, I returned my thoughts to the Simpledimple’s prompt response. One point that was mentioned by this blogger is that although some of her posts had great hits, she couldn’t pinpoint why the differences in the stats to the different posts.

Well, I can’t pinpoint it either. My thought process is that on any given day the readers get on and go for it. Whether it be the title, the subject or even an image that resonates with them, it is unlikely that we will ever really pinpoint the exact formula for any stats. Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing that what I write resonates with my readers. However, my thought process on this is that when I write from the heart, it will eventually reach the reader that needs it. I found myself going to earlier blog posts from many of the bloggers I follow and commenting, liking, etc. It depends on how the Spirit moves me. I also find that when we are looking for something to help us, there is a direction that we follow in our reading.

While there was no intent to get technical on this, I found that my heart is to share what it is I need to share on any given day. As mentioned above, I move by the Spirit. I had a plan to post every single day. However, I found that the plan was not in line with my writing curve. Staying committed to writing as often as possible, sometimes I am in deep thought about what I want to share. Sometimes it is the daily prompts that move me. Other times, it is the heart of my fellow bloggers that inspire a genuine post from the heart.

I want to say that after taking Blogging 101, many stats come from the blogging community that I otherwise would not have. I want to say thank you to my blogging family. Checking the stats for me is just making sure that someone gets encouraged, inspired and helped along the way in this journey called life. All in all, I would say that the difference in the stats is because of the readers. The titles, the content as well as the images comprise each post but the readers…ah, the readers, they are the ones that enjoy taking a peek into our writing world. And, even though I am writer at heart, I was first an avid reader.

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4 thoughts on “Stats and All That”

  1. I think you’ll find as time goes on there’ll be a trend in what posts people respond to the most, and it may or may not correspond to the posts that mean the most to you! There are things that resonate with a larger group of people because it’s a more universal experience or feeling, for example. A post I wrote about the importance of writing to me got a really good response. It was no more from my heart than many others, but of course it hit close to home for a lot of bloggers to whom writing is very important. Also, I posted it in the middle of Blogging 101, so I got a greater response from others in the class as well. Stats are helpful, no doubt, but tricky to interpret at times.

  2. I watch my stats because my site is really the place people go to learn about and ‘hopefully’ book one of my programs. I do postcard mailers on the first of each month and I can tell by the stats if my mailings are catching anyone’s eye; it leads them to my site. Because I sew, hmmm, maybe what seems like 23 hours a day I can only post on the blog every other week. So, I guess the stats are important to me, just in a different way.
    Mean while, when I have enough of the needle and thread for the day, I take a break and read and enjoy what you and others have written.

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