Today…God is in the Details

A Sunset
A sunset at the end of a day’s journey.

God is in the details of our everyday lives. “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” In my reading today, I have been so blessed by the reminders from my fellow bloggers of whose I am. In reading the Scripture posts and the stories of triumph, overcoming challenges and resting in Him, it is nice to know that we really are the Body of Christ. One such reading is about indecision. This blogger is a great inspiration to me and I enjoy reading her posts. She encourages from the Word of God. I believe that the Holy Spirit transcends time and distance. That said, it is evident that when following the Lord’s direction for your life, you are blessed things that may seem small to us but are significant to God. God is in the details of our lives.

As is a tendency when I write, I often repeat important and significant statements that keep me rooted and grounded. One that I will repeat often is that “God is in the details of our lives.” From the frenzy to the rest, God is good. Working on the balance of reading, devotion, writing and working, I am glad to say that this month has been very good. While I did not write every single day, I have written most days. The balance in the decision is to do just that, write most days. Sometimes I tend to over-extend and then God allows me to see what is reasonable. His revelation also showed me that sometimes I need to wait for the next post since my tag is to encourage and inspire others, the detail of my writing. As I continue to work on the balance, I would like to add the challenges my blogging community submits. There are times when these inspire a post as well.

I am also inspired to pick up my camera again as well. When I was in school for graphic design, there were a couple of classes on photography. Having always loved beautiful pictures of nature, it was important to have my own background images because of proprietary challenges. That said, it is getting close to spring again and the time to renew this hobby. As I am encouraged in my direction by the blogging community, the support and the learning venues, I see God in the details.

Although the topics in this post may seem scattered, they are not. I am still focusing on “This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it.” Why? Because God reveals Himself in the ordinary things, in the details. Just like when He spoke to Elijah in the cave, He whispered. It was in the silence after God had restored Him, in his fear from Jezebel and her threats right after He had been obedient to God. (II Kings 19:1-8). In the story of Elijah, right after God showed up and showed out in the Baal confrontation, Elijah allowed Jezebel’s threats to move him with fear. Even the prophets of old have had the experiences in their journey with the Lord that caused them to stray a bit from their rock, their anchor. God never leaves us just like He never left Elijah. He gave him a place to rest, food and revelation in that quiet place.

In my challenges over the last couple weeks, I had to release the negative thoughts and the anxiety. Remind myself of whose I am and breathe. Return to the now, this moment, this day. Return to my anchor, my rock. Thank you, Lord.

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