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The Faithfulness of God in Nature’s Beauty

My comfort today in the Lord is so much stronger. It has been an interesting January. The commitment to writing has been mentioned. A narrower focus, concentrating on my gift and being consistent or faithful has kept me appreciating all that He does for me. Faithfulness is an interesting word because it automatically lends itself to the subject of faith. However, it is not just about faith in God but also about faith in the things you do.


Faithfulness is defined by such terms as

  • strict or thorough in the performance of duty; true to one’s word, promises, vows, etc; steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant
  • reliable, trusted, or believed
  • adhering or true to fact, a standard
  • full of faith; believing (By the way this is listed as an obsolete definition. I tend to believe there is nothing obsolete about faithfulness.)

In looking at the above definition, it is definitely necessary to build this character trait. In noticing the difference and changes in myself after committing to a particular thing, I can look back and see that when I was all over the place, I was in a chaotic place. There is definitely something to be said for faithfulness.

In pondering or meditating on the Word of God, it is significant to see that He personifies faithfulness. It is a character of God. Below are some Scriptures attesting to this. Read more about God’s faithfulness in the rest of this Psalm when you give God some time. Meditate on how faithful He truly is and what that means to you.

Psalm 89:1-2:

“(1) I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever;

With my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations.

(2) For I have said, “Mercy shall be built up forever;

Your faithfulness You shall establish in the very heavens.”

Psalm 143:1:

“(1)Hear my prayer, O Lord,

Give ear to my supplications!

In Your faithfulness answer me,

And in Your righteousness.”

There is so much more on God’s faithfulness in His Word. More than anything, it gives us a standard to walk in. Character is developed in faithfulness. Strength and courage are developed in faithfulness. Hope is developed in faithfulness.

I must say that the Lord’s faithfulness is constant. It is reliable and can be trusted. It is a standard by which we can live. It is about His affection for us and allegiance to His children. He is true to His Word and promises. Even the seasons declare His faithfulness. God is the epitome of faithfulness.

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