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Deep Thought
Deep Thought

In my devotional today, I read a post on spiritual discipline entitled “Spiritual Discipline: Do You Have a Chair?” by Michael Kendrick. What a joy to read! One thing that sticks out for me is the statement that what you value, you will make time for. The truth of this may touch a tender spot but truth does not change. Facts do.

What do you value? Take inventory of your days and see where your values lie. Sharing with others what values are important to you is just fine. But remember, time reveals truth. The focal point of this post is that if you love God, how much time do you spend with Him? The author, Michael Kendrick, suggests carving out a specific time on a consistent basis in your favorite chair to become more intimate with our Creator. Find that favorite chair, place and time to get to know Him and receive revelation knowledge about yourself, your purpose, your direction.

As I ponder other elements to this post, I am drawn to accept truth. While I don’t have a favorite chair right now, I have a favorite time. Morning is the best for me. The quiet and peace that comes with the morning inspires me to get quiet with my Lord. I found this out by spending time with Him in the morning and the evening. Don’t get me wrong, the evenings are fine for those who are not morning people. However, I found myself trying to unwind from a long day or thinking about what’s up for tomorrow. My “to do” list growing by the moment. But the morning, ah. My mind is clear, especially after the first cup of java. I sit to reflect on His grace, mercy and goodness. Gratitude fills my heart because I am here communing with the one who gave me life.

Sounds like a call to action? Of course, it is. We can profess love to our creator as much as we want, but how is that manifested in your life? I also ponder the direct connection with other relationships. When you actually look at the difficulty in most relationships, it comes down to intimacy. Intimacy is actively listening, participating in conversation and focusing on the other person. It is discovering knowledge about that person. Spousal and child relationships suffer most from lack of intimacy. Now that point revealed. Do you think that grieving the Holy Spirit of God is possible when you don’t make time to sit with Him? Appreciate Him? Understand Him? Get to know Him?

Just my thoughts for this day that the Lord has made. Grab your Bible, set your time and find your chair, space or closet. Expect to be blessed on your intimacy journey.

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