Praise God, No More Whining

God’s Hand

When I first started this post, the title was Realizations…Change Has Come. However, in thinking about it while doing the dishes this morning, I came to the conclusion that I just stopped whining about things and took action. I began believing God and His Word for my life. The realization that change has actually occurred in my inner being is because I not only believe in God but believe God’s Word about me. To quote the psalmist, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” Psalm 139:14.

This enlightening moment is that to actually believe God is so liberating. He is not man that He should lie. In many of the topics presented in reading material, it seems that too many of us struggle with the challenged perspective of comparing ourselves to others. This needs to exit, like 2015. Although you may experience moments when this habit seems to die hard, remember to believe God. What He says about you is the most important thing that you can take with you this year.

The fear that used to chase me in my dreams is disappearing as well. False evidence appearing real distorts belief. I do not whine about what has happened to me in my life any longer, but now praise God for what has happened through me. The acceptance of myself is truly liberating. Perfection…not hardly. I do know that each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made. Each of us has something to offer. Your birth into this world was God ordained. Only He gives life. Man provides the sperm and woman is the carrier. However, life itself is God-breathed. I would like to challenge you to just ponder that point today. You are not an accident. No matter what life has thrown at you, you are here. Still standing, maybe a little wobbly, but standing nonetheless.

The liberation I feel allows me to enjoy the moment. Like right now, sharing with you the next step on this awesome journey. I have seen other posts that speak about “now, in the present, etc.” Well, now it is! The new year brings new opportunities, now. Living is right now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet. We can hope for the dreams of tomorrow but we can live the dream today. One step taken is moving towards your dream today. No more whining. The things that have happened to you make you who are today.

I give God the praise because I am writing today. You can give God the praise because your are reading a message that can change your life, today. Now. Praise God, no more whining.

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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “Praise God, No More Whining”

  1. You said it all. Living in the moment, in the now, in the present is all that should matter to us as humans. Yesterday is gone and no amount of whining will liberate the past. Embracing oneself totally with positive energy is the best thing to do. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. “I just stopped whining about things and took action. I began believing God and His Word for my life.”- amen. I too quit whining and started being thankful.

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