who am I, why am I here?

I recently discovered more about my desires resulting from a loss. I do know that I love writing. That answers the why am I here question. I am a writer at heart and that answers the who am I question. Of course, being a writer is only one facet of who I am. I have a lot to say but have been struggling with how to put it in writing. Based on my recent loss though, I realize that I am who I am and whoever decides to be in a relationship with me, friend or otherwise, needs to accept that. The problem, as I seem to recognize it is that I wasn’t accepting myself for who I am.

That said, I realized that I was too worried about what others would think or say about my writing. That care has disappeared like 2015. It is a new year and a new me. Forward we march.

It is amazing to me how long this journey has taken. Acceptance is key for shortening any difficult or challenging journey. I have it now in clarity though. I look forward to what blogging will do for me this year. The decision to make my writing my priority is stronger than ever. As this is a new beginning, I am expecting exciting things in 2016!

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I am a reader, writer, life coach, mother, Christian and lover of poetry. I enjoy romantic comedies, action, mysteries and faith films. I love the Motown Sound era and jazz. My favorite instrument is the saxophone. I love books, reading, learning and growth.

One thought on “who am I, why am I here?”

  1. Hi, pleased to meet you fellow lady blogger. I am glad you are stepping out boldly into a new realm with your writing. I am sure you are already finding it so liberating, exciting and fulfilling. I have only recently stepped out myself so I can relate to a lot of what you have said in this post.

    I popped over because you have followed my blog (women of warfare!). Thank you for the honour. You have a lovely site. I hope you do not mind me mentioning this but I think you should either get a clearer picture of yourself, or exchange the photo for a representative image.
    Bless you.

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