The Eighth Sin – Disrespect for Others

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While this may not seem like a sin and of course, it is based on one’s personal perspective, disrespect is one of my pet peeves. It raises my ire in ways that I just didn’t think were possible. One could ask “What do you mean?” Another question for the reader would be “How do you define disrespect?” I will follow with a few examples and would like to establish that these are my personal opinions.

Pants hanging down so far that underwear can be seen from a mile away. That is totally disrespectful to me. I would say that the term underwear means that they are to remain under the top layer of clothing. Of course, this culture has redefined disrespectful under the guise of cool or swag. Class and discretion used to mean something. Just because you have a behind doesn’t mean that everyone wants to see it. This is typically a “male” thing, but I would like to say less is more, even for guys. Guess what? Women like a mystery also as well as a well-dressed man. Oh, at least I do.

Profanity is another form of disrespect, especially to those who wish to have a conversation without the sentence containing 75% of expletives. While some may say that profanity gets a person’s point across, I tend to disagree. You can actually say what you need to say by changing your tone. That does not mean yelling. If you are sincere and wish to make a statement about how you feel without changing your boundaries, you can. Say it and mean it without crossing the lines. I would say I wasted thousands getting a college education just to use cussing someone out as the only way to get my point across.

This may be the last one listed in this post, but certainly does not diminish my list. Disrespect for others by using control to manipulate them actually hurts my heart. This action tells me that another person’s worth is not valued and they are not given choices that reveal who they are and where they stand. More than that, it says that the person who does the controlling does not care. It can be presumed that there is a simple solution to this. Leave that person alone. Sometimes it is not that simple or easy. Control fanatics can be those you love, bosses, etc.

This post is a personal perspective and you may agree or disagree. I am sure there are quite a few other “sins” that can be added to this list. This is just what came to my mind.

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