Hurry Up and Wait

My sister and I were talking last week about the aspect of waiting.  When I think about our fast society from instant communication to instant food, I thought about this point in relation to God.  When we pray for specific things and it does not seem that God hears us, it is called waiting.

I believe that maybe we are under the impression that God is an instant God.  He very well may be in the terms of answers because He gives us one of three different answers for prayers.  It is either yes, no, or wait. Some may beg to differ and that is fine.  I just wanted to focus on the wait answer.  Waiting means trusting.  When you trust God to provide the best for you, then you wait in peace. You know the answer will come on time because God is an on-time God.  As matter of fact, He epitomizes perfect timing.

Waiting means growing, developing character and patience.  The Word says be anxious for nothing.  You just can’t wait for something and when you finally get it, the anxiety may have changed the flavor of receiving it.  By that I mean, it may turn out to be different than your expectation.

Waiting means you have learned the art of appreciation.  When you can honestly wait for something, not be anxious or worried, but know that receiving what God has for you will bless you, there is a level of enjoyment, appreciation and thankfulness that you feel in your soul when you get it.

Waiting in line is often viewed as a waste of time for some of us.  We get hurried by the things we call life.  But  life is supposed to be enjoyed. Standing in line can mean saying hello and encouraging a stranger.  Never know who might need a kind word, a smile, or just a moment to feel that they matter.

Waiting for that spouse can mean taking the time to prepare for them.  Allow God to direct you, heal you , change you or any other element that is relevant to you and be prepared when you meet your spouse.  Waiting means preparing for the opportunity to not only get blessed, but more to be a blessing.  Waiting means living and growing and enjoying this life.  Wait is actually a verb, you know and calls for action.  Waiting for a big break, wait in motion.

Sandra R. Vercellono

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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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