II Kings 3:1-4:17

Prophets were available during this time for the people to inquire of God.  Today, we still have the opportunity to inquire of God.  That is, if we want to.  Sometimes I’m not so sure we always want to.

Elisha was known to have the word of the Lord with him.  Can others tell if the Lord is with us?  King Jehosaphat, King Joram, and the King of Israel came together to inquire of the Lord regarding King Moab. King Moab was coming against these three kings to destroy them.  When they realized their situation of danger, they came together to inquire of the Lord.  Because they received the word of the Lord from the prophet and then obeyed the word, they defeated King Moab. 

The widow had been left with nothing when her husband died in service to the Lord. She went to the man of God inquiring for help.  After receiving the word to ask her neighbors for empty jars, she started pouring the little bit of oil she had left until the jars were filled as the prophet had requested. Not looking at the small amount of oil, she walked in faith.

Even the woman who had no children and her husband was old was told by Elisha that she woud get pregnant.  And even though her husband was old, she hoped in the word she received from the man of God.  She became pregnant and bore a son just as the prophet Elisha had spoken.

Even when the circumstances are against us, how committed are we to believe the word we receive from the Lord?  Is our hope truly in God? Do we trust Him to bring to pass the word He has given us for our lives?  The Bible says “we walk by faith and not by sight.”  (2 Cor. 5:7)

There may be some question as to the prophets of God having the Spirit come upon them as they walked with the Lord in the Old Testament.  There seemed to be more assurance that the Lord was actually leading these prophets. However, God is still leading His saints.  Believers today still hear from God.  He has not disappeared. And, we still have the choice to obey or not.  Obedience is still better than sacrifice. (I Samuel 15:22)

I believe some of the struggles we experience today and the lack of power of the Holy Spirit in our lives is due to disobedience. If the need to see proof is required, look at the disobedience of our children to their parents today. Is there a cry for help for our youth today being spiritually and emotionally ill?

However, like then and still so now, there is hope in God. Be blessed!

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