Refocusing Energies & Quiet Time

Life like a CameraThe past few days have been about refocusing energies and quiet time. I definitely needed the time to analyze my thought processes again as well as get rid of the distracting thoughts. The daily process is a continual thing that needs realignment. I took the time necessary and back in the swing of things. I will be posting to the 2016 Ready Journey on Saturday. Making the commitment to a weekly submission has definitely brought about reorganization.

I want to share that sometimes we have all the tools we need but when we add something new to do we want to add a new tool even though the ones we have work fine. Not sure what the cause of that is but I reorganized, reviewed the tools I had and got rid of the new ones where the old tools were just fine. I laugh at myself because I tend to want to create a new calendar, list, etc. when I add something new to my process. That is so over. It is about fine tuning now because I want to accomplish so much more and redoing lists is not on the list! Laughing out loud at myself because making sure I have my quiet time with God is so much more important.
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This “Self” is a Hard Pill to Swallow

This journey…

Self-reliance is a very hard habit to break. I remember when I took the art and humanities class in college and the historical information was about the evolving self. From the beginning of time, the goal of humanity has been to do without God. In the expression of art and humanities such as psychology, the evolution has been to focus on self (our abilities, our mind, our desires, our flesh). “Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation,. The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41, NKJV). Jesus found it necessary to remind His disciples. I speak about the flesh today, the natural man who looks to do things his way no matter what. But I also speak to the spirit man of those who know that we can do nothing (no thing) outside of God. What He allows us to do, even when we don’t consider the consequences, is about Him and not us; about us drawing closer to Him, trusting Him, leaning on Him and glorifying Him, not self. There are several Scriptures that come to mind as I write today.
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