New Moves

As I continue to heal from surgery and do the work for my Master’s, I wanted to come to say hello. I hope all is well. Not sure if anyone else is challenged with getting everything done on a consistent basis. Time seems to get away from me. Okay, so the grandkids help with time getting away from me.

Work on one thing at a time and finish it. Sometimes I am all over the place, starting something and moving on to something else without finishing the previous item. Moving forward in the Master’s program is challenging as I deal with medical issues. However, this process is calling for me to glean things unimportant. I never knew how much I added things I didn’t need to do. I am also learning to prioritize. What’s most important to be accomplished today? As I answer these questions, things become clearer. The good thing is that God is giving me the grace to do this.

I would just like to encourage any reader who is challenged with that ominous to-do list to prioritize. I have accepted that I can not do everything every day. Days need to be set aside for certain things. That way I can accomplish excellence in what I do on that day. Boy! If I was only practicing this in my thirties. Back then, I had the delusion I was superwoman. You know what is said, “Hindsight is 20-20.” No fretting though. Got it now.

Last, but not least, make sure to get rest when needed. Since having the surgery, I don’t have the same energy I used to have. My body will tell me, “You need to sit down, lie down, or go to sleep.” I obey. Side note. With the heat wave that is all over the place, not just Las Vegas or Phoenix, but areas all over the place are experiencing high heat warnings, it’s best to make sure you are not only resting when required but hydrated as well.


Hello, everyone. I wanted to make sure I connected today. I have been busy and sick. Started getting sick a little over a week ago. I had to rest this past week. I had no energy to do anything. Thought about coming down on myself and accepted that sometimes you just need rest. Being sick isn’t always just about being too busy, it’s your body telling you your balance is off. That information is a good thing. There are times when it is okay to get rest. We need that, to be rejuvenated, to refuel, and to adjust our perspectives.

I am sharing this with you because we all need to be encouraged when it is time to get rest. Our culture today is about going until we can’t go anymore. I think it’s called grinding. (Okay, I’m aging myself.) I believe that this mindset influences the perspective to do whatever is necessary to keep moving. We need to understand the full spectrum of productivity includes rest. Rest is necessary for excellence.

That said, I am glad I got the rest I needed. A couple of those days, I just needed the extra sleep. I am not sure we truly appreciate the value sleep is to our whole and healthy, well-being. Just wanted to connect and let you know that I am doing so much better; re-connecting to my posting schedule. I am grateful for that.

Be blessed and that care of yourselves.