Biblical Principles Are It for Me

What principles define how you live?

Beautiful Skies

I have chosen to live by Biblical principles. The core values I have defined for myself are based on the Bible. Basically, I do try to live my life by God’s principles. Do I have it down pat? No, it is a moment by moment process and a continual process. However, each day I get stronger in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Secular choices are very temporary, fleeting. I chose Biblical principles because God’s word does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I wanted an anchor that is unchanging. Some of my personal principles have changed based on God’s word. The great thing about God’s word is that I am all the better for it. It is very challenging to live by principles that are ever changing.

This question is an awesome question because it compels us to examine what we truly believe. It causes us to examine how we are living. And, it compels us to evaluate what needs to change. You cannot fix what you don’t know is broken.

Book Review_Saved By Angels

Saved by AngelsThis review is on Saved by Angels, written by Bruce Van Atta. This is an excellent book to read about the testimony of another believer and be inspired by his journey. Most important though is how it is relative to us all in this spiritual journey. He relates quite effectively because he is very honest about his responses to God. His story is amazing and while I feel eager to share a significant experience he had with the angels, I hold back because it is a reading experience you have to have for yourself. The first chapter talks about major events in his journey with God. He is easy to read but powerful and provocative none-the-less.
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The Negative CommitteeAs I tossed and turned a little while attempting to sleep, one word seemed to resonate in my inner being. It was “resilient.” I have been thinking about this journey and the new aspects of moving forward as well as the best way to incorporate what the Lord is giving me to do now. Remember, my theme for this year is living in the “now.” First is the practical application of taking stock of my thoughts and dismissing the ones that are no good.

Of course, I checked the dictionary to understand the fullness of what this means. The definition of resilient is the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like.” At this point in time, I know that this is me. I found some pins to express myself like the “resilient” one following.
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