Hello, everyone. It’s been a few days since my last post. Been busy reading and enjoying the blogging community. From the topics of keeping or revealing secrets to providing positive feedback as well as personal journeys, it has been interesting and eye-opening to say the least.
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Lobster & New Year’s Resolutions

Check the scenario. A large king lobster on the dinner plate. The bowl with the melted, hot butter to dip the crab is right there and you’re ready to dip. The thought of tasting the succulent seafood has your mouth watering! The napkins are on, the utensils are right there to open the crab and delve into this delicious entree. Yet, you try to put the whole lobster in your mouth without using the utensils or breaking it down. You even try to dip the whole lobster into the butter bowl first. Welcome to failure. Not only do you not get to taste the delicate, tender meat inside. You make a full-sized mess. By the way, I do love lobster (as well as real butter with it) and had cravings for it during the pregnancy of my oldest son.

Okay, truly every adult knows better than this. However, that is what we tend to do with New Year’s resolutions. We want to accomplish the whole thing in one felt swoop and expect to thoroughly enjoy the success. I have learned that change, growth and development is a process. It is in this process that you actually move forward to accomplishing your goals. There’s more, keep reading!