Strength. What is it and do you have it? The definitions according to the dictionary include physical strength, mental strength, moral strength and a few other aspects of what strength truly encompasses. Today, the focus is on mental and moral strength, as well as courage. When life throws those curve balls, where does your strength come from for moving forward from striking out on a particular opportunity? When you get hit by a pitched ball, do you have the tenacity to rise and move forward?

In the past year, I was pitched so many different balls; curve balls, high balls, low balls, and was even hit by a few pitches. This is a brand new year and I am still standing. Faith in God and His Word is what keeps me going. It is the foundation and core of my strength. Some may believe, others may not. This point is that I share from where my strength lies. I know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is real to me, my rock and my fortress. How strong is a rock? Depends on the rock and if it is big enough and has been building over time, it is hard to move a rock. Rocks build strength over time after weathering the forces of nature. Rain, cold, sleet, ice and other natural elements that people have no control over. These elements represent those curve balls I reference.

I have been knocked down but not out. This year brings a new vigor and force with it for me. It brings more trust that I am stronger than I once believed because my true strength lies in my faith in God. This year renews my belief that God sees me. This year brings a reinforced and stronger commitment to God and His Word. This year brings a renewed and stronger passion for writing, to share and encourage others from my own experiences. Like the sharing, love the sharing, use the sharing or lose the sharing. The experiences can help others. My belief is that in sharing, others will be encouraged and strengthened if they choose to be. Once shared, it is released from my hands.

I feel empowered for this year as I maintain my commitment to Him. I feel empowered and more passionate about my writing. I feel excitement and anticipation for what God has yet to do in me and through me to help others on life’s journey. I am truly excited for 2016! How about you?