Your Roadmap

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Yes, we are still navigating through the chaos.

The post for 05/31/23 presented a challenge to choose one thing you would like to change and take steps toward that change for a week. Then revisit it. I made the point in that post that change takes time.

Today, I  would like to suggest to you that how you view the world, the lens from which you see things has a major impact on your change journey. The paradigm from which you have positioned yourself is what influences your thoughts, your thoughts then influence your behavior, and your behavior becomes habit. 

A paradigm is like a map to get you where you want to go. You cannot get to California using a map of Massachusetts. What am I saying? I am saying you may have to change your map, how you view things, to get where you want to go. You need to change your pattern of thinking.  

In choosing that one thing you would like to change, how do you view it? Is it based on truth and principle or just how you view it? Do you know how or why you came to accept this behavior as okay for you? Would you be willing to change your view of something in order to change you and/or your circumstances for the better? Definitely questions to ponder.

Be blessed on your change journey.

Conceal…What Do You Think?

Conceal…A short story with questions for thought

ConcealStella’s thought process was to keep the real reason for what she wanted hidden, concealed because she thought that would be better than being honest. Okay, the plan was already in place for someone else. How could she overcome that? Keep the real reason for what she needed hidden. That way, the other person would not think less of her or to be honest enough with herself, she needed what she needed at anyone’s expense. She could use her current situation, being a new mom, as a reason to win the favor she needed to get out of this bad situation.

Crying, tears coming at random moments. The guilt was consuming her and she knew that the reason she was feeling this way was because she didn’t handle the situation above board. “Oh my!” She wasn’t prepared for the emotion that would come from being dishonest. She thought concealing her real motives would be easier. She didn’t plan on being this way but the plan was in motion now so she couldn’t change the current of the tide at this point, could she?
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