The vicious cycle makes me crazy. Around and around I go. Seems every time I get focused, it’s brief. Not long enough to take root, I believe. Sometimes the seeds planted take time to grow. Seasons. What season am I in? In that moment of frustration, the choices are made out of emotion. Whether that is anger, mostly at myself, or frustration or what’s the use? The strength then seems to emerge from somewhere within. Is the prayers of those who have considered me in their thoughts? Is it the power of the Holy Spirit? Is it the dogged determination that I will not give up no matter what? Is it the faith that He will never leave me nor forsake me? Is the realization that this too shall pass? Is it part of climbing the mountain?

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As a Christian life coach, my heart's focus is to help others move forward. Being stuck is no fun. You don't have to stay stuck. The biblical perspective is my anchor. My objective is to share my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

15 thoughts on “Circles”

    1. Will do. This was the first post from my phone. Issues with the computer, glitches and such. I just need to remember when we are obedient and committed, darts come from the most unlikely places. Thanks.

  1. Oh yes ma’am !! New level, new devil😛 BUT GOD is always right here with us 😍
    Hang in there! I’m learning how to see the small miracles along the way that He provides everyday while I keep looking ahead for the parting of my Red Sea that I’m anticipated so very long…👀It’s on the way…Anytime…His Time🤔❤️🎈

  2. In times like these, we find how powerless we are. We learn that only Jesus can do it. He may take us across deserts without truck stops and diners. All we smell is the dust of life, hear the poisonous rattlers around us, we feel the heat of the sun, the cold at night. Deserted. Yet Jesus is there, diligently teaching us how strong we are. In Him.

  3. Our words have tremendous power.

    Saying “The vicious cycle makes me crazy”, will make it so.
    Saying “With God’s love I will break this vicious cycle”, will call God’s strength and power to you.

    Saying “Around and around I go.” will make it so.
    Saying “God is with me and he will guide me on the straight path”, will make it so.

    Saying “Seems every time I get focused, it’s brief”, will make it so.
    Saying “I know how to get focused and it may be brief but I achieve a lot within that time and my focus is getting stronger with God’s help”, will make it so.

    I’m having a really lovely day here in York, England and I wish the same for you, Sandra.
    God bless – Robert.

    1. Thanks , Robert. I do know that acknowledging and accepting where you are is an important step in moving forward. I believe repetition is what gives words power.

  4. Yes indeed! I feel your passion in this post! It’s called the pains of process! I feel it often as I journey towards my own Destiny. God is faithful in sending me reminders that he’s still with me. Leading, instructing and guiding. He’ll do the same for you! Blessings and peace my sister😊

  5. Hi,
    I know the feeling all too well.
    The process of dying to self can make one feels like they are going crazy.
    But you’re not.
    Just recognize these times as opportunities to strengthen your faith.

    God bless,

    1. Thank you for that comment. It is something I needed to be reminded of. I haven’t posted in a few weeks but will be back real soon. I really want to write what helps us get through and not fluffiness and cliches. This journey is not easy as pie but can be challenging and difficult. We have to count the cost to be in this army for the Lord.

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