This is outside of my normal posts in some respects but serves due diligence to the prompt responses. I love that as bloggers we respond when moved. It is also a part of the journey, right? By the way, I love omelettes, especially made with lots of veggies & cheese. This is my finished plate, adorned with avocado and tomatoes. By the way, I love these two items also. I would like to share with you my makings of an omelette. Although a breakfast food, you can eat anytime and not just dinnertime. I have to leave for work at 4 pm so for me, it is an early dinner.

20160417_135909 (1)I start with sautéing my vegetables. Today, they include spinach, cabbage, kale, red and green peppers, green and yellow onions, sugar snap peas and radishes. Being a vegetable lover, it is hard for me to dislike most any kind, raw or cooked. But for those of you who find veggies difficult to swallow, sautéed veggies can help you with that.

After the veggies are almost done, I start my eggs. Today I used a little peanut oil and a little butter. Butter burns quickly so adding a little oil helps. A little butter and a little oil provides a great base for the omelette. The key is a little of both. Cooked the eggs until they were pretty sturdy and added some shredded mild cheddar cheese for the first layer. I then added the veggies. Layer again with the cheese. Close the omelette and layer with a little more cheese. Yes, there are some things I might not be willing to do without whatever lifestyle of eating I choose and cheese is one of them.

Omelette2The cheese is important to me. However, you can make the omelette any way you want. I vary with the types of cheese I use. I vary with the vegetables and there are times I actually sauté meat with veggies. I will probably never be a full-on vegetarian because I do love different types of meat. However, I am in full support of those who choose to do so.

Omelette3Adding the cheese on top of the veggies just insures for me that I have enough. Because I love cheese so much, I do find that there are times when I forego using for a short period of time, very short mind you. But moderation is necessary sometimes when enjoyment becomes over-indulgence.

Omelette4After adding cheese on top of the veggies, I prepare to close my omelette. Some find this difficult. I have discovered in the years of making these that the trick is to make sure the eggs are cooked sturdy enough to be turned. When they tore apart, I discovered it was because they weren’t cooked enough. Remember, that you can adjust the ingredients with replacement of anything that does not suit you. It may come out a little differently, but the object is to make sure it looks and tastes good. Presentation is very important to me when it comes to food. I love the vegetables because they provide such a variety of color and it makes the food look very inviting.

Omelette6Ending with the beginning picture, Bon Appétit!


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13 thoughts on “Dinnertime”

  1. I love it! Very appealing and my kind of food. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve picked up a few ideas on how to make the omelet your style. These pictures make me smile.

  2. Now, I’m starving…but your recipe is such a blessing to me; I need to eat more veggies but would not have thought of all of those…and certainly not together.

    Good morning and thank you for starting my grocery list for today!

  3. Btw, I usually scramble my eggs with sharp cheddar in cocoanut oil. I add turmeric for my aches and pains. My lazy nod to vegetables is usually in the form of salsa on the side.

    1. Been crazy busy but thank you for checking out the post. I usually vary on the vegetables. It just depends. Sometimes I am all for the various greens and other times it is as simple as just spinach and cheese and onions. I love vegetables! Oops, I already said that. Lol…My salads are sometimes a full meal because I have so many ingredients in them. Lettuce, tomatoes and carrots does not a salad make. I have spoiled my children in this aspect.

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