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This last five weeks in school have been most challenging. Taking online classes for a full degree may seem like it is easy. I beg to differ. You are responsible for all the work like campus classes. You are also responsible for doing the research, legwork, getting the understanding, etc. etc. etc. The difference in being on campus is that the involvement with other students while doing this can help a great deal in getting through the challenges.

This is the big difference in the process. While online technology has been a great tool in so many areas of our culture, it can still get in the way of the relationships we need. An online student can talk or rather chat with their peers but actually getting together face to face is typically not an option. Many online students live in various states or cities and a physical meeting is out of the question.

Okay, the point is this. I appreciate the opportunity albeit not an easy one. But I also now see more of the value in acquiring an education on a physical campus. Even in this God did not intend that we accomplish things alone. While I do have the support of those I love, I just wanted to share that even in the positive aspirations there is recognition of the need for others to be involved.

We are not defined by the degrees, grades, certificates and other objects that only have the value placed on them that we give them. We are defined by the relationships that we have in this life and it begins with the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you have a relationship with the Savior? I do realize that this is just another challenge that I have been helped through by having my own relationship with Jesus.

Being a straight-A student in my educational career, C’s give me the shakes. However, during these five weeks, I was reminded that I am not defined by the grades. Okay, I not saying getting F’s is the way to go. Smile. I am saying that as we take the road to educating ourselves, we cannot elevate the educational process above who we really are. We cannot allow the process to undermine how we define ourselves.

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