• Defined…

    I am saying that as we take the road to educating ourselves, we cannot elevate the education process above who we really are. We cannot allow the process to undermine how we define ourselves.

  • Personal Sabotage

    PERSONAL SABOTAGE I spoke a couple days ago about the shoes we are given for our journey. And, while I definitely pointed out that we share our journey with others, whether we want to or  not, I also want to share my thoughts on personal sabotage. As I have been reflecting, and I do a lot […]

  • Shoes…

    When you see a person and do not understand the choices they made, consider the shoes they are wearing.

  • This Too Shall Pass

    This too shall pass! No matter what the struggle is, it shall pass. Many of us are wondering “when?” But the good news is that it will pass. Hope, courage, and strength are fuel for the trials and found in our Lord. I went to the throne of grace today. How was your visit? Sandra

  • What Smiles Mean

    When someone smiles at you, do you see a genuine smile or does it look like something is lurking behind the smile? A smile pockets a rattling controversy.  This statement takes into account that some smiles may reflect hidden motives.  While smiling is important in many professions, what guarantees a sincere and heartfelt smile.  When […]

  • Hurry Up and Wait

    My sister and I were talking last week about the aspect of waiting.  When I think about our fast society from instant communication to instant food, I thought about this point in relation to God.  When we pray for specific things and it does not seem that God hears us, it is called waiting. I […]

  • In the Trenches

    God does know who you are.  He knows what you need and what you need to do.  Stay focused on the opportunity He has given you and quit looking at circumstances.  You need to be writing.  Write when you do not feel like it and more when you do.  This is about change.  The transition […]

  • Trusting Him When Some Days Have Clouds

    Friday, was my last day at the retail store and was a very interesting one.  I was excited! Not because I was leaving the job but excited about what God is doing in my life. I was told there were not enough hours to keep me working.  This job was supposed to be a way […]

  • The Balancing Act Continues

    Today as I write, I have a better understanding of the balancing act, and that is prioritizing.  I decided that no matter what I do, God has to come first.  Being nudged by the Spirit for postponing my devotion, I decided that postponing devotion is not properly balancing.  I wrote ten articles yesterday, took my […]

  • Aligned with God

    I thought about this post yesterday when driving to pick my daughter up from work.  Gratitude and appreciation fill my heart today as God continues to prove His faithfulness and love.  Writing is a passion of mine and He has opened the door.  Of course, it is His gift to me. The Word of God […]