• Be Deliberate

    God does laugh at our plans at times. He is truly the one in control, His plans prevail. We can make our plans, but He determines our steps ~ (Proverbs 16:9). The closer I get to God, the more my plans fall in line with His. The Word says to delight yourself in the Lord […]

  • Navigating

    My hope and prayer for anyone reading this post is that you are doing well. I wanted to talk about navigating. Typically refers to steering ourselves in a particular direction or plotting our course. In driving, most of us use an app to help us get where we want to go. I am navigating this […]

  • Today’s Thoughts

    Just wanted to share today how awesome it is to have a relationship with the Lord. On this coaching journey, I find that we need our own answers just like our clients need theirs. Having this authentic relationship with the Lord is critical. God gave me an answer to a question about my own behavior. […]

  • Consistent

    Seeking Him everyday. There are times when my focus is on Him; other times I am distracted. The key is consistency. God has shown us what that looks like. He keeps His promises to us through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are times when I have to remember that God looks at us […]

  • Thankful

    Today I am thankful for all God has done. As I move comfortably into this next phase now, God is faithful. Sometimes we want a thing right now, which is not always the best thing for us. God gives us the best always; not necessarily what we want but what we need. Hallelujah! Today I […]

  • The Greatest Love of All

    Jesus came for me in April of 1983. As I was reading Jennifer Camp this morning, her writing brought to mind the clarity of Jesus’ Love for me. I was 25. In the last 38 years on this Christian journey, there have been plenty ups and downs, challenges, etc. At the beginning, I was zealous, […]

  • Better Choices for 2022

    Making better choices for your life. It is time. Instead of suffering consequences that can be minimized or avoided altogether, consider the choice you make in any given moment. A lot of times it is stated that a negative action is who that person is. It is not, it is a choice. That choice then […]

  • “DRAPE” Yourselves

    Sometimes it’s necessary to establish a process when we want to move forward. Moving forward in our lives means establishing a game plan. A decision has been made, then you get stuck. Well, I came up with this acronym as a process to help you. Short and sweet because the details are yours. DECIDE– Make […]

  • Wednesday 12.16.21

    Hi, everyone. I am bringing to you my thoughts for today. Things have been changing much since I retired from the corporate world on October 14th, 2021. I am glad to finally make that move and spend more time growing in grace, writing, taking pictures, coaching, etc. A lot has changed already in these last […]

  • Seize the Day!

    Today I come humbly before you asking for your prayers for my family. I just retired and now have to bury my oldest son. As of this moment, retirement is bittersweet. He was 37 years old and died of a heart attack. This post is entitled Seize the Day because all we really have is […]