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  • Today’s Thoughts_Sunday, May 15th

    Today was a good day. I didn’t have to work and took the time to just relax in going about my day. I did plan to go to church but didn’t. I worked late last night and needed the rest. However, I have been listening to the spirit and understand more about living in the […]

  • Today’s Thoughts…Tuesday, May 10th

    Capturing the essence of moments in time to be able to hold on to meaning for this life. Beyond the skies, there is a God who says “I love you more than you will ever know or conceive.” In the grand scheme of things, that is what is necessary to hold onto because that is […]

  • Today’s Thoughts…Jehovah-Jireh

    Spent most of the afternoon enjoying the writings of my blogging community. I so enjoy reminders of faith, hope and love. As well, the various tips and information that help and encourage along this spiritual and writing journey. I have included some of the posts here for you to have your own reading pleasure. Regurgitated […]

  • God is Glorified

    Today I would like to say that God is glorified in so much that we see all around us in nature. I do not worship nature, I worship God. I do enjoy nature very much, though. Moments when you have to stop and catch your breath. I appreciate His glory when I see images like […]

  • The Flesh, the Enemy or Both

    The flesh and the enemy, both are contrary to the peace of God. Over the last twenty-four hours, after I posted “Rest in Him”, it has been a constant vigil to stay in His peace. From conversations ending badly to feeling judged. I have to say that I do recognize this and have refused to […]

  • Today, In the Present

    Short and sweet today. Have a blessed day and rest in Him…

  • Sunshine & Rain…Thank You, Lord for Both

    The past few days have been cloudy, rainy and a little cold. Springtime in Vegas for a minute. I took the images included here and as you can see, sometimes the clouds seem looming and dark. Kind of like this life and the journey we are on. We need them both. Appreciation for the sunshine […]

  • You are Amazing…Just Ask God

    I saw this pin and started to pin it. In the core of my being, the thought was “how self-centered?” I responded to this thought immediately rather than let it go. “Why would you think that?” Some might say. Others may agree that it is self-centered, even a little egotistical. That is what I thought. […]

  • Going with the Flow

    I wasn’t sure about posting today because when I got up I didn’t feel too great. However, today was my first day off in six. I decided I wasn’t going anywhere. Had an appointment that I changed. Going with the flow, you know. At any rate, I pulled out my camera after reading some blog posts and […]

  • Okay…What Next?

    Today I find myself accepting things for what they are. I am in transition (again), until God does what He does for me. I have moved to another friend’s house. Having to keep transporting everything can be a bit overwhelming. Of course, all I need is my coffee pot, my Bible, my computer and my […]