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  • Navigating

    My hope and prayer for anyone reading this post is that you are doing well. I wanted to talk about navigating. Typically refers to steering ourselves in a particular direction or plotting our course. In driving, most of us use an app to help us get where we want to go. I am navigating this […]

  • The Greatest Love of All

    Jesus came for me in April of 1983. As I was reading Jennifer Camp this morning, her writing brought to mind the clarity of Jesus’ Love for me. I was 25. In the last 38 years on this Christian journey, there have been plenty ups and downs, challenges, etc. At the beginning, I was zealous, […]

  • Wednesday 12.16.21

    Hi, everyone. I am bringing to you my thoughts for today. Things have been changing much since I retired from the corporate world on October 14th, 2021. I am glad to finally make that move and spend more time growing in grace, writing, taking pictures, coaching, etc. A lot has changed already in these last […]

  • The New Year is Coming

    It seems like just yesterday I committed to my writing. Going strong for a while and a windstorm hit. I was knocked down but not out. Tossed about but still standing. Trusting God no matter what and even when I was missing in action for a few weeks, I knew that I would be back. […]

  • Thoughts for Today, 090616, Tuesday

    It has been about two weeks again since posting. There is so much going on around me that I am taking things in stride. Of course, keeping my commitment to write to encourage others and share my journey as well as my testimony about the goodness and mercy of God wasn’t well received by the […]

  • Thoughts from Thursday to Sunday, June 27th

    This post follows my post from Thursday. As I stated there, it was a rough week full of challenges. However, I have recouped. I would like to offer thanks to the bloggers who post the Word of God and share the timely truths that get us back on the right track. Although I do have […]

  • Thoughts for Today, Thursday, June 23rd

    My thoughts are a bit rambled. But here I go nonetheless. It has been a rough week. The challenges keep coming and I am doing my best to stand on God’s Word. That He will never leave us nor forsake us. When I committed to my writing in January, little did I know what I […]

  • Today’s Thoughts, Sunday, June 5th

    Today I realized that I wanted to make a post about vision. Over the last couple weeks, I have been reading about setting goals to achieve your dreams. There has been great information about setting big goals and small goals. There may be a goal set for a month from today but there is also the […]

  • Today’s Thoughts_Monday, May 23rd

    It has been over a week since my last post. I am still refining and defining my time management. I now have three driving jobs and need to make sure to keep everything in perspective. I miss my blogging community. I have tried to read and respond as much as possible. Although I will probably […]

  • Today’s Thoughts_Sunday, May 15th

    Today was a good day. I didn’t have to work and took the time to just relax in going about my day. I did plan to go to church but didn’t. I worked late last night and needed the rest. However, I have been listening to the spirit and understand more about living in the […]