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About Me

God’s Design – Wonderful and Unique

Hi, I’m Sandra, wonderfully and uniquely made by God. My name means “helper of men” and I have always desired to help others. I love God, reading, words and writing. Have done so since I was a little girl.

This is a new phase in my life. Though my oldest grandchild is five, the next two are two years of age and six months old. I have had the pleasure of being around them from infancy. What an amazing journey to see them grow, develop and learn. They absorb so much so quickly. I love them all and am embracing this new phase.

This new year also brings my recovery journey. I must say getting rid of baggage is such an awesome thing. Moving forward lighter and more self-aware, more focused, and enjoying life more genuinely is a blessing. I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet but I am in a much better place. I look forward to sharing so much with the overall objective of helping others through the “stuck” part.

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