The Greatest Love of All

Jesus came for me in April of 1983. As I was reading Jennifer Camp this morning, her writing brought to mind the clarity of Jesus’ Love for me. I was 25. In the last 38 years on this Christian journey, there have been plenty ups and downs, challenges, etc.

At the beginning, I was zealous, but utterly clueless. I was not aware of the critical elements of my personal relationship with Christ. However, now at 63, I am aware and still here to acknowledge that, praise God!

Because of God’s love for me and Jesus’ Love for me, I now have the promise of eternal life. God sacrifced His Son Jesus and Jesus gave up His life for me. Not just for me, but for us all. Unconditional and selfless love for the eternity of my soul. Now that, my friends, is the greatest love of all!

Happy Valenttines Day!