“DRAPE” Yourselves

Sometimes it’s necessary to establish a process when we want to move forward. Moving forward in our lives means establishing a game plan. A decision has been made, then you get stuck. Well, I came up with this acronym as a process to help you. Short and sweet because the details are yours.

DECIDE– Make a decision. It propels you forward. Once you decide, you have started the first level of commitment. A timeline is necessary here that you can determine at the evaluation stage if you need to move to a next level of achieving your goal.

RESEARCHResearch is necessary. You need relevant, current and correct information to move forward in the right direction. The legwork will either keep you moving forward or once you get started make you choose something different.

ACTION – When you have the correct information, take the necessary action steps. Outline the steps and get busy. This is pretty cut and dry.

PURSUE – This is relative to the timeline as well. You need to pursue your goal. It is part of the commitment you made to yourself but also a necessary part of the focus.

EVALUATE – Here is where your timeline is important. Where are you on reaching that goal? Evaluate where you are. Start on the next phase if you need to.

Wednesday 12.16.21

Hi, everyone. I am bringing to you my thoughts for today. Things have been changing much since I retired from the corporate world on October 14th, 2021. I am glad to finally make that move and spend more time growing in grace, writing, taking pictures, coaching, etc. A lot has changed already in these last two years for me.

My retirement so far has been bitter sweet as I have had to lay to rest my oldest son. It has been a sad occasion but at the same time has inspired me to share with you that each day is truly a gift. I speak on gratitude a lot and am totally grateful for the last couple years I had with him. We didn’t always agree but that was okay. Each of us have the right to make our own choices. When he died on November 10th, it was somewhat of a shock because it always seemed that he had more time. Not. Truly, life needs to be lived in the moment. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Since that time, I have made peace with his passing. Sure, I will miss him, even the challenging moments. However, my life has changed forever. I am more geared to saying what’s on my heart, spending time with my daughters and grandkids as well as telling those I love that I love them.

I would like to state that when you bring a child into this world, your life changes forever. When your child leaves this world before you, your life changes forever. A part of you is laid to rest. It is so surreal.

I encourage you to share your love with those you say you love. Say it, mean it, spend time breaking bread and enjoying them. Time is precious. It is the only commodity that truly makes everyone equal. We all have the same twenty-four hours. Make yours count.