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As I complete the Faithing It book by Cora Jakes Coleman, the next book on the list is “Saved by Angels”, author Bruce Van Natta. I have never read anything from this author so hopefully this should be a real treat. The book blurb is how God talks to be people everyday. I would love to have someone join me in this read if you are interested. There is a DVD and study questions for anyone who wants to use as a group study.


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My objective is to read the book in a week and give the review on Saturday or Sunday. The weekends are the busiest for me in working the job so the plan is to read the book during the early part of the week. I look forward to sharing what the book is about as well as about how the author writes. It is important to capture my attention as quickly as possible at the beginning of the book. I try to give all books at least the first chapter. I want more than just a tidbit but I also don’t like books long and drawn out.

Although the books so far are non-fiction, I will add fiction to the mix. As mentioned before, one of my favorite genres is Christian fiction.

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