Unexpected Guests

Unexpected guests seem to follow me. I have taught my children to treat each individual with respect no matter who they are or what their background. My children are young adults now. That said, I have met some really interesting people that they have brought home. The key point here is that we make people feel welcome.

Although unexpected guests may throw a monkey wrench in your plans for any given day, it is an interesting way to meet new people. I am not saying that I would like unexpected guests every day of my life. Of course not, but I must say that there have been highlights in my life meeting the new people my children have brought home. It has always been a gesture of mine to invite guests to eat with us. It doesn’t hurt that I can cook. That gesture adds to the welcome feel they experience.

On another note, you never know who you are entertaining when that happens. It has been said “that you may be entertaining angels unaware.” Living in a digital culture now, what with the onslaught of social media contact, unexpected guests can provide pleasurable delights in our world. I do still enjoy face-to-face contact.

Welcome to my unexpected guests!