Rainy Days

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Rainy days…I had a great rainy day this past week. I rose early to hear the raindrops and decided to get up and have my coffee. I got my Bible, my blanket, my coffee and communed with the Lord. While everyone may not spend their rainy days like this, I enjoyed this time immensely. I love to read and the quiet, the raindrops and the coffee just warmed me. Okay, and the blanket. However, giving time to the Lord on such a day warmed me even more.

This rainy day reminded me that we need to slow down sometimes and enjoy moments in our life. In this very busy culture of ours, trying to accomplish so much with time restraints we put on ourselves, from our jobs and other responsibilities, we lose sight of truly enjoying our lives. This rainy day reminded me that nature can make us slow down, whether we want to or not. Included in this rainy day was a little thunder and lightning. I don’t know about you but these added elements tend to make me want to stay inside and safe. Though the thunder has the roar, the lightning is more dangerous. Have you ever been struck by lightning? I have not and do not want to have that experience. Unlike TV, we may not come out of it with more brain power and extra powers.

Back to the rain…it provides an awesome opportunity to have a warm, cozy day that touches the soul.